• 2-black-white-kitchen

    Black & White Kitchen Designs

    Black & white is classic. It goes perfectly well in all premises in the house. Today we’ll focus on black and white kitchens. This color scheme is ideal for both modern and traditional kitchens. You can choose between: White kitchen cabinets with silver handles and…

  • 3-sofa-bed

    Doc Sofa Bunk Bed

    Multi-use furniture used to only be popular in small spaces, but over the years it’s become a popular choices for homes of all sizes. One of our favorite pieces to date is the Doc Sofa Bunk Bed. Created by the design team at Clei, the…

  • 1-beautiful-apartment-in-downtown-vancouver

    Beautiful apartment in downtown Vancouver

    Talented Canadian designer Robert Bailey has created a beautiful interior penthouse in downtown Vancouver, Kanada.Etot new and lovely home is in clean urban minimalism. The house is well suited for fans of huge and big spaces and not cheap real estate.

  • 12

    Small apartment a variety of beautiful options

    The small room has a minimum of furniture. Cabinets should choose open shelving systems with interesting placement of shelves. To store some things a good idea to wardrobe with mirrored sliding panels. A table for dinner may be sliding or folding. To select the furniture…

  • 14

    Children’s Room for children

    Children’s room – the most important room in the apartment, to the design of which must be taken very carefully. Of course, you can just buy new furniture in the nursery, select neutral and simple wallpaper, lay a soft carpet, add some cute accessories. Experts…

  • 9-sliding bar

    10 juicy and colorful kitchens

    The orange color in the kitchen will be the most relevant for fans of bright colors, as you know, the bright orange color stimulates the appetite, so it can be safely trusted to choose for the decor and cuisine. The main thing is not to…

  • 9-A bright room

    10 bright living room in orange

    Using the orange color, you can achieve a good result, as a rule, and most often orange, used as accents to create a cozy and beautiful interior. You can create a bright and beautiful living room. Also, the orange color is used to adjust the…

  • 9-beautiful shade

    10 Bedrooms in a bright orange color

    Orange color – it’s a very energetic color, so it should be used with extreme caution, especially in the bedroom, as the bedroom is for relaxation. The orange color has a very large number of different shades, from the brightest to the most delicate shades…

  • 154-window

    Luxury Cockloft for a Family with Four Kids Arranged with Multiple Mezzanines and Decorated with Corkwood

    Number of rooms: 8 Metric area: 348 m² Ceiling height: 4.4 m Number of levels: 4 In the height of the world economic crisis of 2008 — a challenging time for architects— Peter Kostyolov received an unhoped-for mail with two orders. One in a tight…

  • 41-bathroom

    Juicy Apartment with a Stage for Home Shows and a Fresh Kitchen – Winner of IKEA Special Prize

    The Hosts: John, an engineer-tester of software Natalie, a PR-manager of GaGa.ru web-site (board games) Sebastian, their son Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 44 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 2 After one year of renting a classic apartment of the Khrushchev era,…

  • 2-folded-record-bureau-by-hugh-miller

    Folded Record Bureau by Hugh Miller

    Designed by Hugh Miller, The Folded Record Bureau combines three of the artist’s favourite things – wood, vinyl records, and 80’s styling. The table is formed from a folded band of solid Iroko timber, which changes in thickness and width along it’s length. This type…

  • 7-sofas

    10 beautiful modern living rooms

    Living is made in a modern style is all very quickly and beautifully. One of the German companies inspire their digital technology. Furniture Suitable for all cut-outs for devices, special compartments, drawers. This furniture is designed with a bull’s mind

  • 13-beautiful view

    Beautiful Baths and the use of small tiles

    Everyone knows that the best material for bathroom tile, the market given the many options and proposals by various factors, color, material, quality. If you want to make the interior of the bathroom original and beautiful, it is necessary to use mosaic tiles. Use a…

  • 3

    The old barge as modern housing

    Beautiful old barge, which was rebuilt and established in 1909. This barge  has everything you need two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a barge is located in the heart of Stockholm.

  • ME12_eladio_ 007

    Gaudi Table by Laviani

    Gaudi is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Laviani. In the wood processing, in the structure with a slightly organic design, in articulating diameters and crossings, the reference to the Sagrada Family and the futur/ Gothic of the Spanish master are immediate. There is…

  • 2-the-jug-by-simon-kinneir

    The Jug by Simon Kinneir

    The Jug | The Leaven Range is a minimalist design created by UK-based Simon Kinneir, his growing range of everyday kitchen products are tuned to give extra sensory feedback beyond a reliance on sight. He believes that subtle changes in design can improve the practicality…

  • 3-wooden

    Rustic Hamptons Interior

    Beach homes have a synonymous style that inherently includes anchors, nautical stripes and plenty of blues to last a lifetime. However, New York can tend to be a little bit off the beaten path, and this Hamptons home does not disappoint. Located in Amagansett, New…

  • 5-brick wall

    The modern kitchen interior

      Modern style always keeps one foot in time with the person. In the modern style is minimalist style, modern, art-decor, high-tech. Usually tenants are engaged in furnishing your kitchen and other rooms. The modern interior is first of all: the beautiful and artistic objects,…

  • 1-home

    The most unusual and the narrowest house in the world

    An original and unusual structure has created an Austrian architect and designer Erwin Wurm. This home is different from everyone, that gives the impression that the house is just flattened, or even squeezed from both sides, due to what it has turned out so narrow….

  • 10-mini tarras

    Eco-friendly house made ​​of wood

    In today’s world, people are trying to purchase homes in the country and a lot of the time they separate choice, most preference is given to ecological houses made ​​of wood, as they are highly mobile, convenient, and more than that a house built faster…

  • /dataVolumes/ripro01.1.1/TIF x Macintosh/?POR141.tif

    Backyard Bird Watching: The Right Furniture Makes all the Difference

    With the arrival of fall comes the departure of just about everything else, except for a yard full of dead, brown leaves that is. However, when spring is in the air your backyard may light up with life. Flowers are blooming, squirrels are delicately hopping…

  • 31-lace-glass from Bali

    Two-Room Apartment Arranged in Mixture of Classic and Loft Interior Styles and Made on a Small Budget

    The Hosts: Anton, a designer Kate, a decorator Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 55 m² Ceiling height: 2.7 m Floor number: 2 Anton, a designer, and Kate, a decorator, used to live beyond Moscow Ring Road, but on coming back from Bali last year…

  • 41-workplace

    Cheap and Cheerful Apartment with Extraordinary Interior Items: a Plywood Table, a Chandelier of Spoons, a Stand of Bolted Books, a Stool of Nails and a Concrete Desk Organizer

    The Hosts: Sergey and Nastya, architects of Le Atelier Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 35 m² Ceiling height: 2.7 m Floor number: 6 Sergey and Nastya are professional architects, who presently live in the north of Moscow. Their accommodation actually belongs to their client,…

  • 10-rectangular house

    10 fabulous wooden houses

    Houses constructed of wood – it is a modern and beautiful home, moreover, it is ecological. In our time, all natural and ecological popular, and of course, many designers began to design the same ohms of wood.