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    10 Pieces of American Interiors That Our Homes Lack

    Americans value comfort. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this nation strives for convenience and seeks way to ease their lives more than any other on the globe. Homes of many American people are characterized by the presence of small interior elements and…

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    Expensive vs. Cheap: 10 Garden Accessories and Pieces of Furniture

    Sometimes we find a thing in a store that is great for the décor, but not so great for the pocketbook. And we tighten our belts to buy this very piece. But sometimes it would be nice to take your time, since most pieces of…

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    If You Miss Summer: There’re Year-Round Indoor Tropics in Germany

    This summer doesn’t seem hot enough for many Europeans. Some of us don’t have holidays in summer at all. But in Germany, it’s a different story. The inhabitants of this land don’t have to leave the country to get into genuine tropics. How? There are…

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    How to Arrange a Home Theatre: All You Have to Know (P.2)

    Now that you know how to prepare your home interior for the coming of a home theater, it’s time to choose the equipment right. The market has much to offer you, and it’s very important to understand the difference between different types of equipment and…

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    How to Arrange a Home Theater: All You Have to Know (P.1)

    So, you have a home theater in mind, and this arouses many questions in your head. How to choose the equipment right? What budget should you have in mind? Do you have to look for the centre of the tone cluster? Is it really necessary…

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    Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space: a Couple and a Cat, Double Happiness

    What is happiness? This question has been inspiring the greatest minds for thousands of years already. But the young family from the Sanchong District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, seem to have found the answer! Living in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in…

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    How to Prolong the Life of Iron, Dishwasher & Microwave Oven?

    The first universal and most important rule, no matter how trivial it may seem, is as follows: read the user manual attentively and from beginning to end. It contains all the information you need to know about using and caring about each concrete appliance. This…

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    How to Prolong the Life of Washing Machine, Fridge & Vacuum Cleaner?

    Our homes are packed with appliances that assist us faithfully in our domestic lives. Their help is enormous, and we understand this fact fully only when something breaks down. Of course, the lifetime of electric appliances is limited, but you have the power to prolong…

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    How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 2)

    Let’s continue finding out elements of bedroom interior that make it harmonious and relaxing.

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    How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 1)

    You undoubtedly know that we spend about 30% of our life sleeping. The bedroom is the most intimate place of our home. Here we re-charge our batteries and don’t fear to be ourselves. That is why this room should be decorated with special attention and…

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    Gorgeous Classical-Style Interior with a Note of Modern Irony

    In this apartment centuries-old traditions meet passing contemporary trends. And bright designer’s creativity coupled with the sense of humor of the clients helps turn this mixture into a true masterpiece…

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    10 Amazing Design Hacks to Add Magic to Your Summer Cottage

    Our summer cottages and country houses can be wonderful places for peaceful rest, if it weren’t everlasting cares and troubles. Relax and enjoy the summer and we have 10 simple ideas that would bring back magic to your days and nights!

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    The Heart of the Home – Choosing Chairs for a Kitchen Diner

    One of the most significant changes in recent years has been the emergence of the kitchen as the central hub of the household.Gone are the days when the kitchen was literally shut away at the back of the house, reflecting Victorian social mores and the…

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    Elegant Small Apartment in Beige & Brown with a Windowless Room-2

    Let’s continue our journey around a small apartment interior, which proves that classical style is absolutely fit for limited spaces, when used competently and wise. Now we’re moving on to the kitchen and bathroom interiors…

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    Elegant Small Apartment in Beige & Brown with a Windowless Room-1

    In one of our previous posts we gave you a few useful tips on distinguishing a good interior designer from an amateur. One of the most important advices was to make your choice based on the references of your neighbors or friends, who had their…

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    Unhackneyed Kitchen Backsplash Materials: Practical & Aesthetical

    Choosing a backsplash is a creative and responsible activity. For many kitchens, especially when it comes to loft, minimalist, Mediterranean and some other styles this part of the room becomes one of the most vital interior details. Besides, when you’re cooking or just spending time…

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    How to Set Countryside Mood in an Urban Residence: 7 Tricks

    This summer appears to be abnormally cold for many European countries and many of us just hope to see some sunlight. But even if you a lucky resident of some southern land and your weather conditions are absolutely optimistic, this doesn’t mean that you have…

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    All You Wanted to Know about Furniture for One-Room Apartments

    Feeling comfortable in a small one-room apartment is not so simple, but quite possible. All you have to know is a few designer tricks, which would help arrange furniture in such a way that your tight space would feel visually bigger, more convenient and 100%…

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    How Passionate Travelers Live: Light and Quiet Interior for Rest

    Interior for a keen traveler – what should it look like? Today we decided to show you an apartment belonging to two adventurous sweethearts, who can’t imagine their lives without voyages, art and love…

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    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 3)

    To make furniture by Armani, one needs materials by Armani. In particular, fabrics used for upholstering furniture and designing interiors by Armani/Casa are created in cooperation with the Rubelli Company. This brand is in Top-3 of the world’s leading textile manufacturers and also doesn’t limit…

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    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 2)

    That is why both furniture and clothes by Armani are recognizable by their minimalistic, brutal, masculine lines, clear geometry and reserved colors. In interiors his favorite clothes color couple – black and white – is complemented by versatile shades of brown (and especially wenge) and…

  • 2-3-Armani-Casa-luxurious-interior-design-beige-sofa-living-room-black-coffee-table-curtains-floor-lamp-couch-pillows

    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 1)

    The other day the great designer celebrated his 83rd birthday and by this age he has managed to become a benchmark in almost all the spheres connected with the world of design. Of course, our special interest refers to the interior aspect of his job….

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    Beyonce & Jay Z Bought the Most Expensive Home in the USA

    Beyonce, the highest-paid singer of the world for the year 2017, and her husband, a famous American rapper and businessman Jay Z, who became parents of newly-born twins just a month ago and now have 3 kids total, have just bought a gorgeous mansion in…

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    How to Distinguish a Good Designer from a Bad One? (P.2)

    We’re continuing our review of typical mistakes made by first-time home buyers searching for a qualified designer. If you’re one of them – don’t miss this post, since a second chance to renovate your home wouldn’t happen so soon!