• 1-carpenters-workbench-turned-kitchen-island

    Carpenter’s Workbench Turned Kitchen Island

    Kitchen islands aren’t always a built in item. If you’re looking for an eclectic mix, or a shabby chic style– look no further. This “Chianti” kitchen island is the perfect complement to your home. Crafted from solid pine wood and cast iron, it’s a beauty…

  • 33

    Interesting ideas vintage interior

    Inspired by fashion, that this season will be important in the use of interior vintage items. In itself, a word formed from the Vintage French language, where to start among the best wine with a long exposure, but not talk about it. Vintage – a…

  • 10-wicker Furniture

    New ideas for home dining room

    A bright and cozy dining room is combined with other rooms, is well suited for people who live in a fast pace, and enjoy the comfort In this room, the designers have thought through and were able to combine everything you need in one room…

  • 1-the-magnificent-house-of-emir-kusturica

    The magnificent house of Emir Kusturica

    The famous film director Emir Kusturica built a house in ethnic styles and equipped like the whole village. In addition to the house Emir put all the money in this unusual village. All the houses are similar to a minimum and there are about 30….

  • 161-wooden-decoration

    Modern and Elegant Three-Room Apartment in Reserved European Style Furnished by Ikea and Boconcept

    The Hosts: Galina, a civil-service employee Sergei, a doctor Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 58 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 4 Galina and Sergei have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for 11 years already, and during this…

  • 41-Cat Motya

    White-Walled Apartment Splashed with Motley Plastic Lamps, Eames Chairs and a Home Library with no Dust Covers

    The Host: Rustam Babaev, an engineer Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 31 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 1 Four years ago Rustam moved in his own apartment in a Khrushchev building, which came to him through his Grandma. With a wish to…

  • 4-goats

    Unusual Family Home with Synthetic Grass in Frohnleiten

    This unusual family home applies the principles of an M.C.Escher painting in architecture, displaying cubes of concrete covered entirely with a soft synthetic grass that allows the structure to blend in almost completely with the landscape. This extraordinary dwelling is situated in the municipality of…

  • 1-crates-cabinet-by-mark-van-der-gronden

    Crates Cabinet by Mark Van Der Gronden

    The Crates Cabinet uses large second-hand crates for storage and industrial strength frames to hold the crates. You can vary the sizes of crates, choose a variety of colors, and create a unique storage system that looks great and is amazingly efficient. Each cabinet is…

  • 1-extra-cute-garden-house-bunkie

    Extra cute garden house Bunkie

    «Bunkie» – a small garden house with prefabricated fireplace from the experts of the Canadian Architectural Studio 608 Design Studio and BLDG Workshop.

  • 21

    Modern design wardrobe in the apartment

    Dressing room – this is primarily a vital necessity. Thanks to the dressing room you can save space in the apartment, you can easily get rid of the set of cabinets that sometimes they clutter the room. Accessories, hats, jewelry, shoes and clothing, all of…

  • 38

    Delicate pink color in the interior

    Pink color – it’s beautiful and the most tender and sensual color, the color preferred by people who are romantic and sensitive to his surroundings. Pink color is very diverse, as is the pink and girls and adult ladies, it all depends on the shade…

  • 10-beautiful patterns

    New design ideas for living room

    Living room should be the most spacious and comfortable in the house, so you can relax and unwind. The living room should be functionally convenient, it is also an important combination of convenience and beauty of style. During the arrangement of the living room you…

  • 131-Ceramic granite

    “Oak Tube” Apartment Inspired by “London” Movie: Rounded Oak-Planked Walls, Ceramic Granite, Through Space and Feeling of Incompleteness

    The Host: Igor, a businessman Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 114 m² Ceiling height: 2.8 m Floor number: 5 A newly-built housing estate in the heart of Moscow met its new inhabitant, Igor, 2 years ago. The purchase of 100-m² area was made for…

  • recycled_pulp_lamp_vaseII_4

    “Calyx of Flower I” Paper Pulp Pendant Lamp

    I make pulp from the newspapers, which flood us with information every day. The content of daily news is slowly digested, and at the end of the day land forgotten in the waste basket. This conglomeration of unwanted, chewed up information has become a base…

  • 1-in-between-chair-by-sami-kallio

    “In Between” Chair by Sami Kallio

    In Between is a minimalist design created Finland-based designer Sami Kallio for &Tradition. The interplay between positive and negative space is central to In Between. Its back and side panels provide a concrete shape and support, but forms are created equally by the gaps in…

  • 1-audio-desk-by-ymbol-audio

    Audio Desk by Symbol Audio

    Symbol Audio is a New York company that designs and handcrafts modern audio HIFI consoles and vinyl LP storage cabinets. Their products are distinctive and made for the design and quality oriented consumer. Example of their work is the cool Audio Desk, a modern writing…

  • 24

    Variety flowers and pots for flowers and objects

    Update garden can be diluted if the bright colors, but it does not make big changes, it is enough to add some bright colors and objects in the interior. Everything can be changed due to the landing of a variety of items: pots, pockets, tubs…

  • 5-transparent doors

    Lovely kitchen interior in blue tones

    The blue color came to us from the old era of Empire, it was in those days accommodations in a house painted in pale – light blue door and the floor is usually a dark color. Fashion changes, but some parts can now be used….

  • 12-gray sofa

    Vivid details in the interior of the attic

    The most attractive room can often prove to be the favorite in the house, and as strange as it may not be a room in the attic. It is difficult to determine why she was so attracted to him and has. The room in the…

  • 2-shelving-system-set-by-stephanie-hornig

    Shelving System Set by Stephanie Hornig

    Set is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Stephanie Hornig. Inspired by braided structures Hornig aimed to design objects that could create a two- or three-dimensional pattern that would be stretchable. The resulting shelving system is based on the principle of a scissors grid…

  • 1-new-art-glass-by-jiri-bures-design

    New Art Glass by Jiri Bures Design

    Using traditional crystal glass hand forming skills combined with modern and whimsical design, we create new and elegant forms. Designer Jiri Bures collaborating with Czech art glass studio established in 15 century.

  • 1-antoinette-mini-tables-by-delvigne-eschalier

    Antoinette Mini Tables by Delvigne & Eschalier

    Antoinette is a minimalist design created by France-based designers Guillaume Delvigne & Vincent Eschalier. It is a collection of two side tables made in solid oak and lacquered glass. This collection was presented for the exhibition “Nouvelle Vague 2” during the Milan Furniture Fair 2013….

  • 3-blake-table-by-eleanor-home

    Blake Table by Eleanor Home

    Blake Table is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer Eleanor Home. Blake is handmade in Portugal like the rest of the Eleanor Home furniture. The table top has nice round corners and faceted edges. The back-piece and light makes it perfect for hotels or…

  • 3-bright cushions

    The interior living room in a modern style

    Living room – this room which is to provide special attention should reflect the taste and personality of character home is also considered that this room shows the financial position, and can tell a lot about everyone who lives in the house.