• coral_ball_lamps

    5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

    Here are the top five reasons to choose energy efficient lighting over more traditional forms.

  • 1-blue

    Empire style in the interior

    Empire (from the French. Empire – Empire) – is a new classic style of architecture and art in the first half of the XIX century. At the heart of this style laid great work, welcome ancient monuments and luxurious interior. The interior is luxurious and…

  • 1-the-white-color-in-vintage-house

    The white color in vintage house

    The Modern Architect Alexander White gave this interior in 1920, but made the it in a modern way, but leaving the flavor of the time. The designer of the last century has left the front door to large, high ceilings, attractive architectural details.

  • 1-luxury-villa-in-qatar

    The interior a luxury villa in Qatar

    Beautiful, rich and fascinating villa, designed by the great architect Muhammad Tahir. This beautiful home is located in Qatar, everyone knows that this is one of the poorest Arab countries. This house is considered the most refined and rich among other ohm Qatar.

  • 11-Motley foxy curtains

    One-Room Apartment of a Young Girl with a Delicate Bathroom, a Spring-Inspired Ktchen, Numerous Motley Details Against the White Background and Animalistic Theme in the Decor

    The Hostess: Olga — a “Floors Loft Project” administrator, a curator of “Children’s Time” masterclasses Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 38 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m 6 months ago Olga moved in a one-room apartment on Vasilievsky Island, which came to her through her…

  • 11-bookshelves

    A Tight Cockloft in the Heart of Reykjavik Belonging to a Creative Fan of Old Junk with Feminist Views

    The Hosts: Ojvur, a journalist Skohta and Hosa, her kittens Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 30.4 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Number of levels: 2 Tired of living on her parents, Ojvur was looking for her first apartment in Reykjavik with a few search…

  • 1-archi-teapot-by-toast-living

    Archi Teapot by Toast Living

    Archi is a minimalist design created by Taiwan-based design firm Toast Living. This teapot is made of porcelain with a stainless steel mesh insert. The design has a rectangular and curved contrast that was inspired by the harmonious combination of water and tea. The handle…

  • oak modern desk

    Creating the Best Place to Work

    Working from home can be difficult if you don’t have the right setup. Setting aside a space that is specifically for work can be massively helpful as it lets you remove all distractions and focus on what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if…

  • 1-seoto-wooden-furniture-by-hida-sangyo

    Seoto Wooden Furniture by Hida Sangyo

    Seoto is a minimalist design created by Japan-based company Hida Sangyo Co.,Ltd. The company has been around since 1920, and they specialize in producing wooden furniture. Their manufacturing processes engage in environmentally friendly production, which includes installing solar panels to generate power, and using pellet…

  • 11-apartment

    Classic-Style Two-Room Apartment with Provence Inclusions Decorated with Natural Wood and Stone, Featuring Custom-Made Furniture, Mirrors and Textile, and 35 Lamps Altogether

    The Hosts: Vadim, an HR-director Yuri, a commercial director Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 56 m² Ceiling height: 3.2 m Vadim and Yuri bought an apartment in a house of 1917 three years ago with the will to live in the heart of Moscow…

  • 1-family-home-by-jonathan-adler

    Family Home by Jonathan Adler

    Jonathan Adler and parter Simon Doonan, along with their furry family member Liberace lead quite the happy chic life together, and it all begins with their spaces. One of those amazing homes that they share as a retreat on New York’s Shelter Island is one…

  • 1-kirk-chair-by-patrick-frey

    Kirk Chair by Patrick Frey

    Kirk is a minimalist design created by Patrick Frey. Kirk is the seating equivalent of the modern socialite. You can take it anywhere – its aluminum alloy frame makes it weather and spill-proof. It is easy to add to the dining room table should another…

  • 1-the-interior-in-the-style-of-pop-art

    The interior in the style of pop art

    Bright and colorful posters of Marilyn Monroe’s or Coca Cola on the walls with all the colors of the rainbow refer to a style of pop – art. Pop art – contemporary art and scandal, this trend emerged in the 50′s of last century in…

  • 1-Stunning hotel

    Stunning hotel made ​​of salt in Bolivia

    Custom hotel was built in Bolivia. This small hotel is really unusual in that it is built of salt. This hotel will surprise any tourist, because it is made and a large amount of material – 10,000 tons of salt.

  • 1-the-interior-studio-apartments

    The interior studio apartments

    The winner of the one-room apartment at times very difficult to account for layout and arrangement of furniture. Some people have to live in cramped conditions. If properly thought out plan of arrangement that space can even expand and lengthen the room, and it was…

  • 1-IKEA vase

    The most beautiful vase for the kitchen

    Beautiful vases adorn not only the interior of your home, but also will make a special decoration for the kitchen. Vase can match any interior, because there are many different colors, shapes, and the vase can be purchased from any material. Common use of the…

  • 1-completely-wooden-house

    Completely Wooden House

    The entire house is made of wooden boards. The floors, the ceilings, the walls, the furniture pieces, everything! Well, everything except the bathroom sink and the fireplace, which are made of rough stone, with the metal door handles. Wood inspires warmth and makes the house…

  • 1-pendant-lamps-by-manolito-manolita

    Pendant Lamps by Manolito & Manolita

    In the presence of Colimbo, you can almost taste the salt in the air from the Aegean Sea that borders the islands of Greece. Named after the diver bird, these pendant lamps interface with both sky and sea. Featuring the use of both hard and…

  • 1-adobe-residence-in-new-mexico

    Adobe Residence in New Mexico

    This historic adobe home was built in the early 1900s, and features a kiva fireplace and design elements characteristic of traditional New Mexico architecture. The home was completely gutted by design studio R Brant Design, leaving as many of the original features as possible. The…

  • 1-power-house-by-paul-archer-design

    Power House by Paul Archer Design

    Power House is the results of the Paul Archer Design’s refurbishment of a private house in Highbury North London. The project takes the modernisation of a typical London Victorian terraced house in a new direction with a highly sculptural timber clad rear extension. Located in…

  • 1-coffee-tables-with-fireplace

    The fireplace in unusual places

    Bio-fireplace – a basic and a new direction in design. Safe fuel and reliable design look very harmonious. The design allows you to tame the fire and be done with it warm and cozy home.

  • 1-bright-apartment-complex-in-japan

    Bright apartment complex in Japan

    The architecture of the artist Susak Arakivvy and fine poet Madeline Jeans have created a wonderful, bright and unusual residential complex in Japan. This wonderful couple poses challenges conventional buildings, and do extraordinary home, their imagination is very surprising. This project was the most unique…

  • 1-spicebox-office-by-nendo

    Spicebox Office by Nendo

    Spicebox Office is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nendo. The office space design for spicebox, a comprehensive digital agency that works across strategic planning, interactive promotion and creative digital marketing, and is part of the Hakuhodo stable. The firm’s name symbolises…

  • 1-tipi-modern-table-of-sheet-steel

    Tipi Modern Table of Sheet Steel

    Tipi is a minimalist design created by France-based designer Hélène Degonzague. Spotted on MocoVote, Tipi is a table leg made of sheet steel. Its starting point is the art of origami. It enabled it to be detached from the traditional formal typology of the trestle….