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    5 Incredible Pieces of Furniture Made on a 3D Printer

    We guess that the time when we’d be able to create any piece of interior by ourselves, at home, by just pushing a button is just around the corner. How can it be possible? And how may the furniture of the future look like? Today…

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    “Glacier” Stool: 3D-Printed, Designer, Biodegradable

     “3D-printing is a chance to produce full-scale furniture models of high quality. By that we are not limited by any geometrical restrictions. This is pure creativity”. Daniel Büning, a designer and co-founder of NOWlab Studio

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    Designer Stool Produced by 3D Printer

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if famous architects got down to furniture design? Two Russian designers – Anna Strupinskaya and Aleksei Ivashkevich – tried to get a reply to this question.


    Modular Mini Planter by Evan Gant

    The Aqueduct 3D-printed modular planter by Evan Gant is a very interesting idea. It makes a lot of sense. Here is how designer describes it: “This modular system utilizes the connections between each planter as a method of transferring water from the top planter to…