• 0-English-style-interior-design-green-desk-lamp-capitone-chester-sofa-home-decor-interior-accessories-at-Maison-&-Objet-2017-exhibition-trade-fair

    Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Home Décor (Part 2)

    Who else exhibited the best collections of home décor and accessories at Maison & Objet 2017, the world’s biggest trade fair for interior design and décor that was held in Paris on 20-24th January, 2017? We continue sharing with you the news and photos of the…

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    Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Home Décor (Part 1)

    Maison & Objet 2017 is the concentration of talents and energy. It’s the world interior design exhibition accumulating the most sophisticated and peculiar things from the world of home décor. Here luxurious ideas of world-known brands coexist with national products, and internationally recognized professionals transfer their…

  • 5-beautiful sill

    Small apartment in Berlin

    This flat is outfitted with a decorator who is in Berlin. The entire domain of the entire apartment of 30 square meters. The interior uses very functional furniture, practical and convenient.

  • 1-fabulous patterns

    5 Christmas home decorating ideas

    New Year is just around the corner and the next, it is worth to consider a few ideas that will help you to build a beautiful option. Decorating an apartment or house is very nice and interesting to do on the eve of New Year…

  • 5-beautiful branch

    Beautiful table setting for NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS

    New Year is very close, and it is time to think not just about the design of the apartment, but also the design and serving the holiday table. Christmas table serves very simple, if you think we should think in advance colors. Should choose one…

  • 1-hand trucks

    Household Accessories that make your home look beautiful

    For every home, whether you rent and apartment or own a house, there are a few accessories you will sometimes need that can make everyday tasks much easier. If you are a new home owner or have just moved out on your own, you will…

  • 2-House to house

    Cozy loft in Brooklyn

    This superb loft located in the heart of Brooklyn. The apartment has large windows and spacious, earlier this apartment was great and spacious factory for the production of textiles, so the owners have got such a large window.

  • 6-blue curtains

    Glamour style in the interior

    Glamour in the interior – a combination of glitz, glamour, gloss, it is a splendid experience. In the dash of glamor everything should be in the house to attract bright and beautiful, it can be not only accessories, but also the furniture and the color…

  • 11-old crockery

    The old house with a beautiful interior

    This house is very old and beautiful house was built in 1850. Many things in this household as if time stopped, because they have persisted ever since, and in the interior a little something new. Before this house was already reconstructed, but the owners have…

  • 1

    10 dining tables for Halloween

    As Halloween has always come friends and served a festive and beautiful table, this table should be different from the ordinary everyday life is more scary accessories. Choose bright tablecloths, napkins, cups and cutlery.

  • 18

    The beautiful and comfortable ottoman for the home

    Stool or ottoman – is a great item and accessories for the home, an ottoman very functional item that can come in handy in any room. Nowadays, a large amount of furniture and the choice is not restricted to choose a variety of options that…

  • 5

    The interior apartments in polka dots large and small

    Peas in the interior – it’s vintage pattern, many consider it pretentious and simple for the elderly. And not all of it hits the spot. But the peas in the interior will always be fashionable, with a print is not only clothes but also accessories….

  • 15

    The magnificent front garden near the house

    The front garden – a small garden near the house has been decorated to the same rules that apply to others and landscapes. The front garden is preferable to plant different plants and bright. The front garden – a minuscule portion of the way home…

  • 12

    Colorful apartment – studio designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum from Sao Paulo

    This bright apartment belongs to the talented designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum. Family designers to create each piece thoughtfully and lovingly, no one room they have not forgotten apartment replete with shiny accessories. Marcelo Rosenbaum has worked as an interior designer for over 20 years,…

  • 2-work area with kitchen

    Cozy studio apartment in Moscow

    This small and intimate studio apartment is filled with natural light that penetrates the windows and fills the room with sunlight already leaving summer. Well thought out every detail to expand the space in the bedroom mirror is used. Unnecessary things perfectly hidden and disguised,…

  • 14

    Children’s Room for children

    Children’s room – the most important room in the apartment, to the design of which must be taken very carefully. Of course, you can just buy new furniture in the nursery, select neutral and simple wallpaper, lay a soft carpet, add some cute accessories. Experts…

  • 5-brick wall

    The modern kitchen interior

      Modern style always keeps one foot in time with the person. In the modern style is minimalist style, modern, art-decor, high-tech. Usually tenants are engaged in furnishing your kitchen and other rooms. The modern interior is first of all: the beautiful and artistic objects,…

  • 1-beautiful patio

    Spacious apartment in an old house built in 1904

    Luxury two-bedroom apartment was built in 1904 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, from this little building that was left, but it is successful has been restored. In the house were collected many legends. The apartment with a convenient layout, this apartment is similar to…

  • 3-bright cushions

    The interior living room in a modern style

    Living room – this room which is to provide special attention should reflect the taste and personality of character home is also considered that this room shows the financial position, and can tell a lot about everyone who lives in the house.

  • 1-trends-in-interior-design-2013

    Trends in interior design 2013

    In 2013, new trends and new fashion. We will tell you that this year is the popular and in demand. In the last year and other years, these trends have not been used much by professional designers. Over the years, fashion is changing and increasingly…