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    How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.2)

    Read Part 1 If you like total-white interiors, just a few details in vintage style would be enough: a bouquet of fresh flowers, an elegant gray or beige wrought shelf and several towels in pastel shades.

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    15 Ideas for Stylish Country Living Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

    When it comes to moving to the countryside, our mind unintentionally conjures up images of a tiny old chumble-down log cabin. Today we decided to challenge this common misconception and tell you a story of a family couple, who moved to a wonderful cottage filled…

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    Snow-White Apartment with Orange and Red Accents

    Fondness for cleanliness and sunlight: that’s the first thing which comes to your mind when you first see this apartment. Its owner works for a big architectural bureau and takes private orders from time to time. When she and her husband came to moving to…

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    American-Style House in Moscow Suburbs

    Most of the stuff for this house, including furniture and décor, was ordered from the USA, but despite its accordance with canons of American style, this house looks pretty integral with Moscow suburbs.