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    Guide to European Flea Markets: What & How to Buy?

    Many heard about benefits from buying on European flea markets and those magical treasures that may be discovered there, but a few really know where the best flea markets can be found and how they should be explored. That is why we have decided to…

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    How to Add Oriental Motifs to a Contemporary-Style Bathroom?

    Many designers say that nowadays finding an interior designed in some single style from A to Z is almost impossible. Most interiors that we see on HomeKlondike are also not an exception. They are eclectic.  Though we usually define homes as Scandinavian-style or art-deco-style, for…

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    Open Minimalist Apartment Filled with Antique Furniture & Modern Art

    The Hostess: Kate Taylor, a founder of Kadygrob & Taylor Art Projects, an art-consultant Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 76 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 14 It was two years ago when Kate bought her newly-built two-room apartment and got down to…

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    The modern kitchen interior

      Modern style always keeps one foot in time with the person. In the modern style is minimalist style, modern, art-decor, high-tech. Usually tenants are engaged in furnishing your kitchen and other rooms. The modern interior is first of all: the beautiful and artistic objects,…

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    Antiqued Iron Bar from Light Bulb Tester

    Antiqued Iron Bar Crafted From A 1920s Light Bulb TesterSo much of what we are inspired by today has come before us in a cyclical fashion. Back when light bulbs were new on the market, Germans had big, bulbous machines for testing light bulb voltage….