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    How to Design a Balcony in Catalan Style from A to Z

    Spain… It has so many beautiful things in store to inspire multiple tourists. And one of them is sweet and cozy balconies of Catalonia. The weekend is approaching and if you have a strong desire for creativity, why not turn your balcony into a cozy…

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    Juliet Balconies: Terrifying History & Today’s Beauty (45 Ideas)

    A balconet, balconette and a Juliet balcony are three terms used to describe the same architectural form – a type of a false balcony, which doesn’t have a platform.  A metal barrier is arranged right in front of a high window-opening at the outer plane…

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    Inspiring Beautiful Balcony in Moscow

    If you have long dreamed about creating a nook of living nature on your balcony, winter is the right time for developing the plan of action. And to boost your inspiration we have selected a stunning balcony in the heart of Moscow, which looks a…

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    Beautiful and modern balconies and loggias

    If you desire to be close to nature, but you do not have a garden, it’s easy to put up on the balcony, or establish a cozy corner to put chairs, a table, or make your workplace. From the urban resident’s balcony – these are…

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    The elegant interior of the apartment in Stockholm

    In the new interiors of apartments is appreciated not only convenience, but also the beauty. It should be borne in mind that each customer their obvious beauty and design in general. In his house, he spends a lot of free time, so the desire to…

  • 1-The green house with a variety of plants in Vietnam

    The green house with a variety of plants in Vietnam

    This amazing house is located in one of the villages of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, which is very thick and densely populated. This town is home to more than seven million Vietnamese. This city is a true metropolis, the house is a lot of…

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    The beautiful and spacious terrace in the interior

    Terrace – is one of the finest places to stay in a clean and fresh air. Terrace – a place with a separate area on the same level with the house, or slightly elevated level. Some commonly confused veranda with terrace, veranda – its glass-walled…

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    Purely Scandinavian Apartment in a Postindustrial Neighborhood of Stockholm with a Circular Balcony

    The Hosts: Joel, an interior photographer, a student of Royal Institute of Technology Adelina, a recruitment officer in international recruitment agency Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 72 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 6