• 0-bathroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-traditional-style-brown-faux-wooden-furniture

    Bathroom Ceiling Design: 8 Nice Tips

    Usually, when it comes to bathroom renovation, we are more likely to start picking sanitary porcelain, wash basin cabinets and tiles. And very occasionally someone considers bathroom ceiling décor. That’s what we suggest you to think about that today.

  • 0-kale-color-pantone-green

    Top Trend 2017: Kale Color

    Pantone, the global authority and trend-setter on colors, has announced Kale (18-0107) as one of the top colors for year 2017. We have tried to figure out how this beautiful saturated color can be used in interior design and what famous world brands can already…

  • 2-laufen-bathroom-showroom-madrid-spain-designer-bath-bathtub-Patricia-Urquiola

    New “Laufen Bathrooms” Showroom in Madrid

    The famous Swiss brand has opened a new store in the heart of Spanish capital. All interiors were designed by an award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola.

  • 7-light floor

    Elegant Swedish Apartment

    The small apartment is built in the Swedish style, and looks really nice the inside. This beautiful loft has a small area of only 90 square meters. The whole apartment is very creative and interesting.

  • 5-mirror wall

    Comfortable apartment in the sauna

    In today’s world, the sauna can be practiced even in the loft, which holds a large area. The sauna can be assembled from ready-made panels or build from scratch. Built a sauna in the house or apartment, you will save a lot of costs, and…