• 13-Gays and their family

    Beautiful home in Beverly Hills

    This beautiful home is surrounded by a diversity of beautiful trees, which are a different color. This house is owned by an adorable and interesting pair of positive gay men. In this house they began to equip from scratch, it was hard, but it was…

  • 6-modern-interior

    Conan House by Moon Hoon

    South-Korean architect Moon Hoon has designed this ‘toy house’ for a young couple and their son in Bangdong, a famous place for sight seeing and leisure for near by dwellers. The irregular plot of land situated right in front of Bangdong lake boasts a beautiful…

  • 10-rectangular house

    10 fabulous wooden houses

    Houses constructed of wood – it is a modern and beautiful home, moreover, it is ecological. In our time, all natural and ecological popular, and of course, many designers began to design the same ohms of wood.