• 5-beautiful table

    Beautiful house with wood trim

    This cute and country house, located in Italy, the house is built with light shades. The room is beautiful, smart, and beautiful wooden furniture. The windows are beautiful and very interesting, is not direct, as usual, and on the roof. Situated immediately above the bed,…

  • 6-large bedroom

    Beautiful house for a large family in New York

    This beautiful home has equipped a large family, almost without the assistance of designers. The firm is located in New York. Residents of this house famous fashion designer Tessa Pimontel, her husband’s name is Hans Neleman, and he acts as a photographer. They thought through…

  • 8-terrible figures

    Bohemian house on the shores of Lake Leman

    Burnished and beautiful house with real works of art, this place is well suited for this designer or a person who takes art seriously and is interested in what’s a new permanent or antique bagatelle. The structure of the house was built in 1940, and…

  • 8

    Beautiful house painter Nina Pohl in Berlin

    This lovely apartment is owned by a beautiful young woman whose name is Nina Pohl she is a German artist. Nina has studied photography, film and media. Nina is a very significant figure in contemporary photography. Nina also often in charge of the Berlin exhibition….

  • 2-home-in-sweden

    Small cozy home in Sweden

    The small and beautiful house is located in Sweden, in a house you can live in comfort, enjoying the surrounding nature and the beauty around. Around the house is a really beautiful and impressive landscape in the interior there is a Scandinavian low-key style. The…