• 4-gray

    Beautiful design hallway

    Then finishing the hallway bathroom is to weigh the amount of spaceperson enters the apartment or house. Moreover once the interior will give a taste of the owners. When finishing the hallway bathroom is to consider the amount of space.

  • 11-old crockery

    The old house with a beautiful interior

    This house is very old and beautiful house was built in 1850. Many things in this household as if time stopped, because they have persisted ever since, and in the interior a little something new. Before this house was already reconstructed, but the owners have…

  • 4-beautiful mirror

    Bright interior design apartment

    The small apartment is built into a romantic and intimate style. This apartment has a total of 33 square meters, this apartment is the most simple, but is hit with a bright and cheerful mood. Its interior is a vivid color scheme, showing vivid nature…

  • 11

    Cozy home in France for Christmas

    In the new year the situation changed dramatically and I want to beautify the house, make it bright and festive. This beautiful interior belongs to the owner of a mansion in France. In the house there are beautiful mirrors and windows in the spirit of…

  • 1-beautiful-apartment-in-downtown-vancouver

    Beautiful apartment in downtown Vancouver

    Talented Canadian designer Robert Bailey has created a beautiful interior penthouse in downtown Vancouver, Kanada.Etot new and lovely home is in clean urban minimalism. The house is well suited for fans of huge and big spaces and not cheap real estate.