• 3-beautiful vase

    Autumn decoration living room

    In autumn it is possible to collect beautiful leaves of different colors to help create decor. The most common variant of the autumn decor, dried leaves. Collect the most beautiful and colorful leaves, to dry out from between the pages of magazines or books, and…

  • 8-dining table

    Comfortable lodge in the village

    This wonderful house is constructed entirely of wood , it is situated along the East Sussex Lane and this place is in the middle of unspoiled nature. Basic and which surround the house , birds , bees, and forest creatures . The owners , of…

  • 7-beautiful sofa

    Good examples of brightly lit rooms

    Ukrainian architect creates interiors with beautiful and soft lighting, her intentions are simply breathtaking and striking in their beauty. This reflects the architect of the most magnificent and interesting idea, using bright interiors. This pizza is made charming and bright interior, natural colors are chosen,…

  • 2-tea

    A beautiful and stylish tableware from Japan

    A beautiful and designer cookware sold in one of the Japanese ships. This cookware is constructed of natural materials: wood, ceramics, and looks very nice and deep. These beautiful crackles can be considered permanent, and to be liked.

  • 8

    Beautiful house painter Nina Pohl in Berlin

    This lovely apartment is owned by a beautiful young woman whose name is Nina Pohl she is a German artist. Nina has studied photography, film and media. Nina is a very significant figure in contemporary photography. Nina also often in charge of the Berlin exhibition….

  • 2-the-unusual-shape-and-intriguing-furniture-from-joel-escalona

    The unusual shape and intriguing furniture from Joel Escalona

    Interesting collection of furniture made by designer Dzhozhla Escalona. A collection of fine furniture consists of a shelf for a TV, wardrobe, bar, and a coffee table. In the image of the furniture is very similar to each other, but very different in size. The…

  • 5-chic look

    Furniture for romantic dates, and breakfast in the sunny weather

    Romantic excellent set of furniture designed for sharp and angular roofs, it is called – «Ridged roof furniture». All the furniture is transparent with orange hues, looks very beautiful and interesting. This beautiful furniture has created a romantic setting Ainė Bunikytė

  • 6-round table

    Beautiful natural wood stool

    Beautiful wooden stool «Barstool 02″ with comfortable diagonal struts, the material that is used – ash. The design of this beautiful stool made ​​Matej Chabera, production Bohemia.

  • 1-narrow-house-in-tokyo

    Narrow house in Tokyo

    Interesting narrow house, the architects already know no borders, and make interesting projects. As a rule all the fancy homes are made in Japan, as the population is large, then the population of spin as soon as possible. The house itself was built on a…

  • 3

    The old barge as modern housing

    Beautiful old barge, which was rebuilt and established in 1909. This barge  has everything you need two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a barge is located in the heart of Stockholm.

  • 9-beautiful flowers

    10 Ideas Kitchen in country style

    Country style kitchen can prepare a special configuration of the room, wooden beams on the ceiling, a summer terrace outside the window, on the compass orientation, lifestyle home and other factors. As a general rule, where the imagination can run wild if – there is…

  • 7

    Beautiful loft in San Francisco

    More and more city dwellers are attracted accommodations, furnished in the old industrial buildings. Designers, remodeling such facilities are trying to organically merge modern facilities and industrial elements in the decor and furniture. And this loft in San Francisco’s beautiful proof!

  • 8-beige curtains

    The bathroom in the French style

    In today’s world of choices bathroom is one of the biggest challenges and solutions. In stores now, will find an extensive selection and a wide range of products, different size, color, shape. When choosing a cast iron bath in the French style is worth paying…

  • 10-wicker Furniture

    New ideas for home dining room

    A bright and cozy dining room is combined with other rooms, is well suited for people who live in a fast pace, and enjoy the comfort In this room, the designers have thought through and were able to combine everything you need in one room…

  • 38

    Delicate pink color in the interior

    Pink color – it’s beautiful and the most tender and sensual color, the color preferred by people who are romantic and sensitive to his surroundings. Pink color is very diverse, as is the pink and girls and adult ladies, it all depends on the shade…

  • 8-green wallpaper

    10 luxurious living rooms in country style

    Country – this is the most comfortable and cozy style in the interior, which only puts at the top of homeliness and does not accept pathos and glamor. In the translation country is – a village so they create a feeling of comfort, warmth.

  • 1

    Snow-white Scandinavian style in the interior

    When you choose to decorate your living room in this style, you should keep in mind that the area of ​​your apartment or house must have the correct form. The room should not be any excess in the presence of all should be only what…

  • 1-spacious-apartment-in-the-tokyo

    Spacious apartment in the Tokyo

    These apartments are prepared RCK Design Studio which is located in Tokyo. The house fills an abundance of daily sunlight that soothes and balances. The layout of the house is functional, despite its compact size, all rooms in the white spaces can be traced variety…