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    How to Make Most of Just 25 Square Meters? Narrow & Small Studio

    What are you supposed to do if you’re a “lucky” owner of an extremely small dwelling, which is shaped as an elongated narrow rectangle to crown it all? The interior we’d like to show you today will convince you that small space is not that…

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    Ultra-Functional Two-Room Apartment for People with Much Stuff

    The hosts of this newly-built two-room apartment are a young family couple with a 4-year-old kid. Despite a limited residential area of their new flat, they had plenty of wishes regarding their future home nest. Firstly, they wanted a living room and kitchen to be…

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    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.2)

    If you still didn’t find a suitable variant for zoning your rooms in Part 1 of this post, don’t worry – we have 10 more ideas for you!

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    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.1)

    If you need to zone residential space, especially when it comes to small apartments, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build up extra walls. Mobile room dividers or light-transparent partitions can solve this problem very well. And what is more important, without breaking…

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    All You Wanted to Know about Furniture for One-Room Apartments

    Feeling comfortable in a small one-room apartment is not so simple, but quite possible. All you have to know is a few designer tricks, which would help arrange furniture in such a way that your tight space would feel visually bigger, more convenient and 100%…

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    Low-Cost One-Room Interior for a Contemporary Old Lady

    The owner of this small one-room apartment with the total area of 37.5 square meters is an old lady, who was dreaming about refreshing her interior quickly and cheaply. In terms of layout she was unwilling to change anything:  this would take months of construction…

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    Summer Cottage Living Room Decoration + Amazing DIY Ideas

    In small summer cottages one room can have absolutely versatile purposes depending on the needs of its inhabitants. In our today’s project the biggest room in the summer house plays the role of a dining room and a lounge for the whole family and a…

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    Sunny Studio Apartment with Panoramic Windows in the Heart of Sochi

    Have you ever seen an apartment for rent that was designed with soul and so tastefully that you wished this were your home forever? This studio apartment is a good example of the fact that such places do exist!

  • 2-contemporary-style-bedroom-living-room-interior-design-perforated-screen-room-divider-green-floral-wallpaper-bedspread-bed-cover-sliding-doors-chandelier-round-metal-coffee-table-geometrical-carpet

    Malachite Box: Small One-Room Apartment with Green Accents

    The primary drawback of this one-room apartment was an interior load-bearing wall, which literally divided the total area of 43.7 sq. m. into two equal parts that couldn’t be significantly transformed. However, the author of the project found a way to make the most use…