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    How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 2)

    Let’s continue finding out elements of bedroom interior that make it harmonious and relaxing.

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    By Trial & Error: 10 Versions of One Bedroom Interior Evolution

    Virginia is a charming young girl with her own blog on interior design, in which she shares her personal experience of designing a house of her own with the readers. It’s always quite entertaining to look at the “before-and-after” photos of interiors, but Virginia’s experience…

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    Most Inspiring Bedrooms with Ocean View

    Sleeping and seeing the ocean is normal and waking up in the morning to see the sea waves sounds more like a dream. Today we’d like to show you a collection of bedrooms with ocean view, in which the dreams do come true. Let’s dream,…

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    Top Trend 2017: Kale Color

    Pantone, the global authority and trend-setter on colors, has announced Kale (18-0107) as one of the top colors for year 2017. We have tried to figure out how this beautiful saturated color can be used in interior design and what famous world brands can already…

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    Where to Store Bedding: 7 Useful Ideas

    Every morning you wake up to start hiding your pillows, blankets and linen to turn your bedroom into a living room, and as the night comes you start to pull them all out again? Let’s find out a few life hacks: how to make your…

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    Beautiful apartment hotel in the Maldives

    Beautiful apartment located in the Maldives. Lovely blue and azure water, which pleases its warmth, beauty, and blue water. This beautiful hotel called Cheval Blanc Randheli. Close to the hotel there are waves, water. The hotel also suggests interesting and modest houses.

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    The Rise of the Open Plan Bedroom & Bathroom

    They’re a mainstay of the luxury hotel industry, but a controversial topic amongst residential interior designers. Open plan bedrooms and bathrooms may not be the peak trend of mainstream design, but they’re rapidly catching on amongst a single, urban demographic seeking the ultimate in residential…

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    A variety of shelves in the bedroom

    Bedroom place which is designed to sleep, and some prefer to do a bedroom in a minimalist style, but when the space in a small apartment. Each wall is a great place for shelves and storage space. It is important to place the shelf in…

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    Spacious apartment in the Tokyo

    These apartments are prepared RCK Design Studio which is located in Tokyo. The house fills an abundance of daily sunlight that soothes and balances. The layout of the house is functional, despite its compact size, all rooms in the white spaces can be traced variety…