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    10 Unhackneyed Ways to Add Bright Colors to Interiors

    Colorful curtains, couch pillows, rugs, posters, chairs… Practically anyone has heard about  these ways to add a splash of color to an interior without major repairs. Still, one always wants to try something new, especially when all the above mentioned options have already been put…

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    4 Golden Rules of Decorating a Coffee Table + Examples

    If you look closer at American interiors in magazines, you’re likely to notice that all living rooms depicted there have several features in common. As a rule, these are a soft comfy sofa of some neutral color, a couple of upholstered arm-chairs and a nice…

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    5 Golden Rules of an Ideal Nightstand Composition

    We can guess what you have on your bedside: a book, glasses, a glass of water, a lamp and a photo frame. All this together looks not so good, does it? Nightstands that we see in interior design magazines feature absolutely the same things, but…

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    How to Refresh Your Bookshelves in One Day: 5 Ideas

    Home interior can be refreshed even by means of such a small and trivial detail as a bookshelf. And this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one – just use a few design tricks to refresh your old ones. There are many…

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    10 Features of Contemporary French Interiors

    A typical feature of today’s French interiors is their ultimate coziness. What makes them so homey and what “national traits” they all have in common – let’s find this out together from this post!