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    How to Refresh Your Bookshelves in One Day: 5 Ideas

    Home interior can be refreshed even by means of such a small and trivial detail as a bookshelf. And this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one – just use a few design tricks to refresh your old ones. There are many…

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    Minimalist Apartment with Plenty of Niches and Wood Décor

    The wish list of this apartment’s owners was quite short: natural materials, light color scheme and more voluminous details – wall and ceiling niches. They have entrusted their apartment to an experienced St. Petersburg design and architecture studio, which is famous for its interior design…

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    Bright apartment with a view of the Baltic Sea

    This spacious and comfortable, bright apartment is charging his energy and positive. This cozy apartment is situated in a small town Saltsjöbaden, in the municipality of Nacka, in the county of Stockholm, Sweden, west design is more true of the Scandinavian style.

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    The old barge as modern housing

    Beautiful old barge, which was rebuilt and established in 1909. This barge  has everything you need two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a barge is located in the heart of Stockholm.