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    10 Unhackneyed Ways to Add Bright Colors to Interiors

    Colorful curtains, couch pillows, rugs, posters, chairs… Practically anyone has heard about  these ways to add a splash of color to an interior without major repairs. Still, one always wants to try something new, especially when all the above mentioned options have already been put…

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    The Coolest School Laboratory Interior We’ve Ever Seen

    Well, someone is so lucky to study in such a creative, bright and non-standard place! Maybe, if our schools looked like this, we would have never missed our classes!

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    7 Trendy Rules for Dining Zone Design

    Designing a dining zone is not that easy, especially when you want it to be functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time. At first sight it may seem to be quite challenging and requiring special knowledge and expertise. But actually to make a stylish…

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    Cheerful Dentist’s Office That You Would Like to Visit Again & Again

    Is it possible to turn a dental clinic into a place, where patients would be able to relax completely, trust a pro and come back again to? Yes, sure!

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    Bright Attic Interior Design with Diagonal Furniture Arrangement

    Today we’ll show you a re-made attic interior design. It is definitely memorable in all aspects: color scheme, layout, decoration and functionality. The owners’ only wish regarding their future interior was a bold bright color palette. The designer team decided to develop this idea further and…

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    Naturalistic Yellow-and-Green Living Room with Summer Mood

    Many countries may boast having TV-shows that make common people’s dreams about perfect interior designs come true. This post will tell you a story of such an interior, created by a famous TV-channel for a family loving summer, warmth, the sun and greenery most of…

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    Tropical-Island-Style Apartment Project: Yellow, Orange & Green

    Many people prefer to design their apartments and houses in reserved, neutral or pastel palette – this makes them feel comfortable after a difficult working day. But for others relaxation is rather associated with bright, highly saturated colors, typical of toys and tropics: yellow-canary, blue,…

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    7 Reasons to Have a Non-White Ceiling

    Neutral, unexciting, nothing special… That’s about a traditional white ceiling. Let there be color! Why the entire expression always comes from the walls, floor, furniture and accessories, while the ceiling is painted white without a second thought? Light beige or pale yellow won’t make your…

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    Interior Design for Sanguine Personalities: What Is It?

    Impulsive, cheerful, sociable, and hospitable – these are characteristics of typical sanguine personalities. They enjoy each day of their lives; love to have guests and travel around the globe.  That is why a chance to arrange interior for a sanguine person always cheers a designer:…

  • black tray-

    Making New Year’s interior in black and white

    The combination of black and white color will change not only in the interior, but in the New Year decoration. This interior is suited for those who do not like bright colors, but likes change minimum on holidays.  Also can be a white tree with…

  • Master red romantic bedroom with beige carpet.

    The combination of two colors in the interior

    When selecting and decorating the walls, many choose pure painting wallpaper or paint the walls a different color. Optionally choose one color, you can pluck a few important to properly mix the colors and finding one to suit each other. You can also combine colors,…

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    Bright neon color in the interior

    Such a smart interior and a beautiful brighten drab daily everyday life, it will bring new emotions, quite a couple of neon items , or some furniture that will be bright and interesting. To achieve a bright neon shade that complements crowbar apartment or house…

  • 5-shades of cream

    Classic in a modern interior

    The bathroom is a good option for a classic style, a combination of soft colors and light blue combination, a large mirror in the room expands the room and makes the room bright and stylish.

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    Design Ideas apartment-style shabby chic

    Shabby chic style combines old things with new technology, furniture, Shabby Chic style is very docile and cute image in bright colors, this trend is usually very airy and soft like a marshmallow. Shabby Chic style is translated as shabby shine.

  • 12-hallway

    Apartment with the Mood of Beach: Bright and Sunny

    The Hosts: Igor, engaged in electric-power industry Natalie, engaged in real-estate sales Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 75 m² Ceiling height: 2.6 m Floor number: 23 Igor and Natalie bought a newly-built apartment in 2011. What they liked was open layout, panoramic windows, good…

  • 7-shades of Pink

    10 of the most magnificent rooms in the bohemian style

    In the bohemian style can be made and has a nice sleeping room. Choose original and exclusive furniture. Best furniture for the bedroom is in a Victorian style. This furniture looks very presentable and most importantly it is exclusive. The furniture that you have in…

  • 1-light-and-bright-creative-design-studio

    Light and Bright Creative Design Studio

    Creative design studios can vary in their design appearance depending on style and purpose. This particular space in Fitzroy, Australia, happens to focus on the creative sector– so keeping somewhat of a clean slate is an important feature design wise. The conference room becomes the…

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    Variety flowers and pots for flowers and objects

    Update garden can be diluted if the bright colors, but it does not make big changes, it is enough to add some bright colors and objects in the interior. Everything can be changed due to the landing of a variety of items: pots, pockets, tubs…