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    10 Unhackneyed Ways to Add Bright Colors to Interiors

    Colorful curtains, couch pillows, rugs, posters, chairs… Practically anyone has heard about  these ways to add a splash of color to an interior without major repairs. Still, one always wants to try something new, especially when all the above mentioned options have already been put…

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    Attic Floor Interior Design Inspired by a Sphynx Cat

    The masters of this interior haven’t used their attic floor for 20 years, as it seemed too dark and small to them. But a few designer tricks have presented them a bright, comfy and full-fledged living room. Talented personalities may find a source of inspiration…

  • 5-bright-toddler-kid's-girl's-bedroom-playroom-room-interior-design-wall-painting-mezzanine-floor-magical-castle-invisible-door

    In Pursuit of Childhood Fantasies: Three Sweet Girl’s Playrooms

    The world around kids is an entire universe filled with fairytale creatures and incredible heroes. The authors of toddler room interiors described below decided to turn them into reflections of childhood fantasies.

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    Bright and sweet home

    This apartment is only 36 square meters, but she looks very good. The interior uses the basic white color with bright decorative accessories and targets. White color blends in with the bright accessories that enliven every corner of the home.

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    Bright Spacious Family Apartment

    For a large family apartment should be roomy, comfy and functional. These apartments represent a two apartments are joined. Flat on the interior is very broad, bright apartments across large number of supplements.

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    30 bright and interesting stairs in the interior

    In this post, you’ll find 30 beautiful staircases with interesting and beautiful design, it is possible that some of the figures you will be tickled pink. You can use these ideas of stairs and ladders to decorate your abode.

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    Bright apartment in Manhattan

    This spacious flat is located in the Americas, in Manhattan. The living room has one large panel that includes a multitude of storage compartments. There are also open shelves for storing books, supplements and other things. The apartment has a large and open and beautiful…

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    10 Bright dining tables

    Dining table – it is the center of the room, then it is really necessary to choose the right and worth thinking every decision when choosing a board. When selecting the table stands a start on the size of the room where the dining table…

  • 5-bright bedroom

    Bright and spacious home

    This beautiful and gorgeous house belongs to a large and positive family. Owners Monica, Pulo, Iago, Yar. This home is located in Portugal. The style of this house is bright and colorful. When the family of Monica got this apartment, it was empty, and simple,…

  • 8-beautiful bedroom

    Bright and green interior from Ukrainian designer

    Spacious one-bedroom apartment has 64 square meters of area, located in a residential complex Comfort Town. These designers have created a workspace and comfort zone.

  • 2-large bathroom

    Beautiful bathrooms in the classic style

    This bathroom interior is made in the cold shade, close to the sea style, it combines the color of the sand and bright – blue spots in a decor that privacy and need to feel comfortable.

  • 10-beautiful carpet

    Bright and colorful apartment with bright objects

    The interior is in a range of colors will help you regain strength, it helps to enhance the mood and get the house nice and snug. Such color shades will suit those who love spring weather, and loves, bright sunny paint will bring the ambiance…

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    Decorating Ideas for Fall

    Autumn – the time when the cold weather comes, and we want warmth and comfort. Interior of a room can be warm and cozy thanks to its natural accessories that you can find absolutely free anywhere in the street. For example, it may be leaves…

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    Chocolate color for the living room

    Chocolate color in the interior can have a variety of its elements: furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, drapes, and accessories. It all depends on what is the concentration of chocolate you need in a particular interior. If the choice fell on the walls and floors, in…