• 2-3-Bvlgari-hotel-beijing-luxurious-interior-design-China-SPA-center-swimming-pool

    Big Joy for Bulgari Fans: Another Gorgeous Hotel Opens in China

    The primary idea behind the new Bulgari Hotel, which has recently opened its doors for the first visitors in Beijing, was to create kind of a big-city resort. And this doesn’t seem surprising: the very district conjures up such images. Chaoyang is the green heart…

  • 6-high-rise-pedestrian-walkway-pathway-way-in-China-Fuzhou-city-by-LOOK-architects

    Walking in the Crones of Trees: Unique High-Rise Walkway in China

    A stunning and absolutely non-standard 19-kilometer-long pedestrian pathway has opened in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province. Fuzhou is one of the greenest residential areas in China, filled with lush subtropical greenery and located among the hills. It would be a…

  • 0-world's-biggest-airport-to-be-in-China-Beijing-international-airport-render-3d-plan

    The World’s Biggest Airport-To-Be Takes Impressive Shape

    The Xinhua News Agency of China has shared a bunch of impressive photographs of the skeletal structure of the new Beijing International Airport, which is being built at the moment to become the biggest aviation hub on the globe. The giant structure comprises 5 segments…

  • 0-the-Great-Wall-of-China-beautiful-view-panoramic-green-hills-mist

    The Great Wall of China Remake: $ 1,450 per Meter of Brick Masonry

    Today the Great Wall of China, which has protected the country from invasions and aggression of anxious neighbors for centuries, seems to need protection as well. This point of view is shared by special teams of huntsmen that emerged in China within the last few…

  • 1-3-the-Curve-cultural-centre-Slough-England-Bblur-Architecture-exterior-creative-modern-architecture-public-libary-exhibition-halls

    3 Modern Architecture Projects: England, China, Philippines

    Have you noticed that architecture projects of our days become more and more unbelievable, even cosmic? We decided to peer into the future and found three buildings in different parts of the world that seem to be one step ahead of the planet.

  • 2-Butterfly-Bloom-English-porcelain-china-tea-set-teapot-tray-saucers-cups-cake-small-dessert-stand-holder-flowers-butterflies-spring

    Latest Spring Collections of Marvelous English Porcelain

    Giving kitchenware to women, especially when it comes to pots and pans, has long been deemed bad manners. But when tableware is more about a piece of art and to crown it all has a rich history, it’s a completely different story. Did you ever…

  • 0-vertical-forest-eco-building-skyscraper-by-Stefano-Boeri-modern-architecture

    Two More “Vertical Forest” Buildings Projected for China

    Everything related to the topic of ecology and greenery is now at the peak of popularity. But houseplants and floral wallpaper are one thing, and a huge skyscraper decorated with numerous living trees and shrubs is quite another. Let’s see how this will look in…

  • 0-Mandarin-Oriental-Hotel-Taiwan-exterior

    Gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan and Its Interiors

    This hotel can rightly be called an “oriental pearl”. Its interior is truly astonishing and breathtaking. Today we’re inviting you to watch beautiful interiors of a luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei.

  • 0-world's-highest-bridge-world-record-Beipanjiang-Duge-Bridge-China

    New World’s Highest Bridge Opened for Traffic in China

    A new world’s highest bridge has recently opened for traffic in China. This country has added one more object to its list of world records. Can you imagine that 16 of 20 world’s highest bridges are located in China? By the height of the bridge…

  • 0-exclusive-luxurious-china-porcelain-tableware-l'objet-malachite-and-gold-table-set

    Latest Trends in Designer Chinaware

    Porcelain is a wonderful natural material, which gives birth to absolutely unique and extremely beautiful things. In wintertime we especially feel the need for something non-standard, fascinating and aesthetically perfect. Like in a fairy-tale. In this post we would like to show you how wonderful…

  • 2-hangzhou-stool-by-min-chen

    Hangzhou Stool by Min Chen

    Inspired by the flexible lifestyle of Hangzhou, a touristic city in the middle of the east coast of China, local designer Min Chen has conceived the Hangzhou Stool, a seat composed of 16 layers of bamboo veneer of the thickness of 0.9 mm. Each one…

  • 13-beautiful view

    Beautiful Baths and the use of small tiles

    Everyone knows that the best material for bathroom tile, the market given the many options and proposals by various factors, color, material, quality. If you want to make the interior of the bathroom original and beautiful, it is necessary to use mosaic tiles. Use a…