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    25 Christmas DIY Ideas with Pine and Fir Cones

    Pine and fir cones are just perfect for everything related to Christmas home decorations. Handmade stuff created from this wonderful natural material brings a note of special charm and hominess to our homes and besides does not cost a penny! If you do not doubt…

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    Hand-Made Wall Christmas Trees

    It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a beautiful spruce. In our minds and hearts it has become a true symbol of this holy day. But sometimes our dwellings are too small to arrange a full-fledged spruce, or we start to live apart from our families…

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    Christmas Window Décorations for Every Taste & Pocket

    Christmas is approaching! And your view from the window is hardly festive? There are plenty of ways to cheer oneslef up with lovely window décor! Look at our collection of inspiring ideas!

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    Decorate the interior decorations

    Christmas balls can not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also serve as a good option decorating any room in a house or apartment. Especially it will be useful if you still have Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree, or they are slightly out of…