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    20 beautifully decorated living room ideas for the New Year

    New Year – a special time and a feast for anyone, and always want a holiday, it needs to create an atmosphere, a warm, cozy. The main decorative accessories tend to be: Christmas tree, toys, garlands, socks for gifts. New Year filled with the magic…

  • 4-beautiful curtains

    The tiny apartment in Barcelona

    This tiny apartment belongs to the talented photographer Christian Shallerta . This apartment is located in the technical building on the sixth floor in one of the houses in Barcelona.

  • 8-beautiful window

    The modern, minimalist style in the bedroom

    Minimalist style looks very succinctly, simple and gorgeous composition is obtained. Minimalism is very functional interior, usually in the interior there is nothing superfluous, and there is always everything that you will need, the style of minimalism can be very comfortable and cozy, such a…

  • 10-sleeper

    Miniature apartment in the Swiss town

    Modern designers Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör successfully redesigning the apartment with a little amount of space, and do it very successfully. This apartment interior was designed in such a way that there is nothing superfluous. This apartment is very cozy and comfortable, it is well…

  • 6-round table

    Beautiful natural wood stool

    Beautiful wooden stool «Barstool 02″ with comfortable diagonal struts, the material that is used – ash. The design of this beautiful stool made ​​Matej Chabera, production Bohemia.

  • 2-a large bag

    Compact apartment in Warsaw

    This apartment is designed for comfort and relaxation with the baby’s father, in the room there is even a folding table with a kitchen. Due to the transformation of the kitchen can be easy to hide, so the child could spend more time on active…

  • 4-a beautiful place

    Narrow but comfortable home in London

    A small house with a width of 2 meters of a bedroom and a bathroom and dressing room, study, all the amenities are present, the main thing is a reasonable location. The big plus of this house is an interesting roof, where there are many…

  • 2-narrow living room

    Cozy apartment in New York City

    Beautiful but narrow studio, direct evidence that the apartment can be cozy, if a competent alignment. Ease of apartments in that it is the top floor of her mansion.

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    Children’s Room for children

    Children’s room – the most important room in the apartment, to the design of which must be taken very carefully. Of course, you can just buy new furniture in the nursery, select neutral and simple wallpaper, lay a soft carpet, add some cute accessories. Experts…

  • 7-sofas

    10 beautiful modern living rooms

    Living is made in a modern style is all very quickly and beautifully. One of the German companies inspire their digital technology. Furniture Suitable for all cut-outs for devices, special compartments, drawers. This furniture is designed with a bull’s mind

  • 10-room for a football player

    10 comfortable interior rooms for boys

    The desire to design a child’s room is usually the child does not ask, and many adults make the room boring and not right for a child’s development. It is necessary to choose the interior to the character of the boy, it is worth considering…

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    An apartment with colour details, antiquarian interior items, and a full-wall Matisse reproduction

    OWNER Violetta – a journalist METRIC AREA 42 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 4 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Violetta moved into a two-room apartment on Muzhestva square fallen to her from her grandmother a year and a half ago. She didn’t change not very…

  • 10-beautiful patterns

    New design ideas for living room

    Living room should be the most spacious and comfortable in the house, so you can relax and unwind. The living room should be functionally convenient, it is also an important combination of convenience and beauty of style. During the arrangement of the living room you…

  • 12-gray sofa

    Vivid details in the interior of the attic

    The most attractive room can often prove to be the favorite in the house, and as strange as it may not be a room in the attic. It is difficult to determine why she was so attracted to him and has. The room in the…

  • 12-small balcony

    The elegant interior of the apartment in Stockholm

    In the new interiors of apartments is appreciated not only convenience, but also the beauty. It should be borne in mind that each customer their obvious beauty and design in general. In his house, he spends a lot of free time, so the desire to…

  • 1-elegant-french-furniture

    Elegant French furniture

    When have a desire making the interior design of the apartment in the French style, so you will not only taste good, but also the desire to surround themselves with fashionable, elegant, comfortable, and cozy interior design. The French style consists of a large presence…

  • 1-the-white-color-in-vintage-house

    The white color in vintage house

    The Modern Architect Alexander White gave this interior in 1920, but made the it in a modern way, but leaving the flavor of the time. The designer of the last century has left the front door to large, high ceilings, attractive architectural details.

  • 1-the-interior-studio-apartments

    The interior studio apartments

    The winner of the one-room apartment at times very difficult to account for layout and arrangement of furniture. Some people have to live in cramped conditions. If properly thought out plan of arrangement that space can even expand and lengthen the room, and it was…

  • 1-dining table

    The ideas of dining tables for a small kitchen

    Kitchen – this is the main place in the house, because that is where we spend most of the time, especially housewives who cook a meal for the whole family. The kitchen should be comfortable and functional. In small apartments gathering with friends is a…