• 5-1-concrete-canvas-cloth-flexible-concrete-material-in-furniture-design-arm-chair

    Concrete Canvas: Revolutionary Building Technology of the Future

    Concrete canvas is a piece of cloth with waterproof backing soaked in a special dry substance. This revolutionary building technology was invented about 15 years ago in Great Britain.

  • 3-3-2-garden-path-design-ideas-walkway-pathway-decking-deck-wood-polymer-composite

    Garden Path Materials: Review, Comparison and Ideas

    Garden paths are important functional elements of our gardens. At the same time they give plenty of room for creativity and can surely be independent pieces of landscape design. When it comes to planning garden paths, the first thing you should decide on is how…

  • 1-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-minimalist-concrete-building-modern-architecture-star-shaped-starfish-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-exterior-design

    Stunning Starfish-Shaped Restaurant in South Korea

    Perhaps, each of us attended a seaside café at least once in our lives. But we feel sure that you’ve never seen something like this. The amazing thing, but this minimalist concrete building is imbued with romantic and soothing atmosphere.

  • 00-Vladislav-Gorodetsky-architecture-Kyiv-Ukraine-House-with-Chimaeras-concrete

    The Man Who Gave Concrete a Chance in Architecture

    150 years ago an extraordinary boy was born in a small Ukrainian village. He had great things ahead of him: to change the architectural look of Kyiv, to become an innovator of his time and create over 30 great buildings: museums, schools, churches, a sugar…

  • 00-polished-concrete-floor-in-interior-design-panoramic-windows

    Polished Concrete – the Perfect Floor Covering?

    When it comes to choosing the right commercial flooring for your business, a long list of boxes need to be ticked. You want robustness and longevity, safety and hygiene, low maintenance and good value. Visual appeal would be nice to have too. Guess what? Polished…

  • 13-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood

    Swiss Simplicity: Modern-Style Family House

    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Swiss simplicity”? Probably, something laconic, definitely modern-style and surely concentrated on natural materials, such as wood, stone, glass and steel. The same image was in the minds of a Swiss family couple with 2 kids…

  • 6-unusual-designer-fire-pit-metal-butterflies-cat

    Fire in Stone, Concrete & Metal: Designer Fire Pits

    Common grills wouldn’t surprise anybody – these devices are present on almost any house’s backyard. And their look is quite similar – metal boxes on legs. Designer outdoor fire pits are a different story. We have selected three non-standard and lovely fire pit designs by…

  • 1-modern-concrete-bookends

    Modern Concrete Bookends

    This concrete bookends just awesome. They exhibit all the traits men love. They are heavy, strong, and industrial. They work. They are not going to slide around on the bookshelf like those “artsy” pieces. They are going to get the job done and look perfect…

  • 4-goats

    Unusual Family Home with Synthetic Grass in Frohnleiten

    This unusual family home applies the principles of an M.C.Escher painting in architecture, displaying cubes of concrete covered entirely with a soft synthetic grass that allows the structure to blend in almost completely with the landscape. This extraordinary dwelling is situated in the municipality of…