• 4-light-pink-school-girl's-kid's-room-interior-with-yellow-accents-white-furniture-desk-bed-carpet-two-windows-roman-blinds-ceiling-swing-chair-moldings

    What Makes a Perfect Room for a Primary School Age Girl?

    When it comes to baby’s room design, it’s 100% predetermined by the taste of parents or a designer they hire. But a room for a primary school age girl is a completely different story. Firstly, such a kid’s room should please and inspire its little…

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    Contemporary Sea-Side Classics for Active and Friendly Businessmen

    Today we’d like to show you an interior design project created for a mature family couple. They have been together for many years. Their kids have already grown up and built their own nests. But our heroes decided not to be sad about it. They…

  • 3-contemporary-Scandinavian-eclectic-style-bathroom-interior-design-with-oriental-motifs-white-wall-tiles-double-wash-basin-sink-vanity-unit-luxurious-mirror-frames-accessories

    How to Add Oriental Motifs to a Contemporary-Style Bathroom?

    Many designers say that nowadays finding an interior designed in some single style from A to Z is almost impossible. Most interiors that we see on HomeKlondike are also not an exception. They are eclectic.  Though we usually define homes as Scandinavian-style or art-deco-style, for…

  • 3-1-Paris-apartment-interior-design-contemporary-style-by-Stephane-Olivier-light-white-walls-pastel-colors-luxurious-lounge-corridor-couch-beige-pillows-Mongolian-sheep-woolen-rug-marble-table-sculpture

    Fashionable & Luxurious Parisian Interior with the Eiffel Tower View

    Love, romance, Paris… This is exactly the impression we get from a gorgeous interior created by a famous Parisian designer Stephane Olivier. It’s harmonious from top to bottom: colors, finishes, furnishing, combination of different epochs and styles… This is a visiting card of Stephane; he…

  • 5-contemporary-neo-classical-interior-design-Ameerican-style-furniture-beige-blue-wallpaper-bedroom-mustard-yellow-accents-ottoman-upholstered-bed-mirrrored-cabinets-chest-of-drawers-arm-chair-lamp-wall-recess

    Reserved Modern Classics in Shades of Beige, Blue & Mustard Yellow

    In one of our previous posts we published an award-winning interior design project of a three-room apartment, which won the first prize in the PinWin interior design contest. As you already know, all the participants had the same task – to work out the layout…

  • 1-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Carla-Fracci-ballet-bar-pure-total-white-bedroom-interior-design

    8 Inspiring Interiors of Famous Italian Women

    Today we’d like to show you in what beautiful and comfortable houses modern women may live. A writer, a wine-shop owner, a bank clerk, a ballet dancer, a fashion designer, a sportswoman… Interested?

  • 1-contemporary-style-interior-design-faux-wood-floor-tiles-brown-wenge-tiles-bookstand-book-shelves-darwk-wood-console-table-big-metal-frame-mirror-closet-entry-hallway-entrance-hall-bench

    Contemporary-Style Apartment Designed with Much Love for Wood

    It turns out that plenty of wood and a quiet color palette can work miracles and create contemporary-style interiors that would never look dull. This three-room apartment is a great proof to this fact. Let’s have a look!

  • 1-5-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-dining-living-room-table-chair-dark-chocolate-brown-furniture-Franco-Pesshioli-wall-tiles-TV-set-stand-light-beige-sofa-flowers-multilevel-ceiling

    Contemporary-Style Family Interior in Brownish Hues

    How to find a prefect interior solution for a family of three generations? The authors of this project managed to come up with an option that satisfied everyone. The clients were a family including the spouses, their kid and the Grandma. The task was to…

  • 1-1-living-room-lounge-eclectic-mixed-style-Middle-Century-Modern-American-contemporary-interior-design-green-gray-walls-blue-yellow-sofas-wicker-arm-chair-coffee-table-lamps-console-red-accents-cheerful-bright

    How to Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

    This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle…

  • 3-1-contemporary-style-living-room-interior-design-beige-walls-Eichholtz-furniture-white-sofa-marble-coffee-table-blue-arm-chairs-black-fireplace-brass-art-deco-chandelier-wall-lamps-sconces-wall-poster-art

    Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished with Eichholtz Pieces

    Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!

  • 8-1-bedroom-interior-design-contemporary-style-bay-window-ceiling-to-floor-gray-and-pale-yellow-curtains-upholstered-bed-headboard-fireplace-TV-set-radiator-cornices-classical-crown-moldings-modular-parquet-light

    10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas from Designers’ Instagrams

    If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your…

  • 00-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-entry-living-room-island-bicycle-wall-mounted-racks-light-wood-strips-bar-stools-white-cabinets-yellow

    Small Re-Planned Apartment for a Typical IT Specialist

    This apartment interior design was created by a team of qualified designers for a young IT specialist and his wife. The process started from total re-planning of the layout. The point is that this full-fledged two-room apartment was actually one-room initially, but with a big…

  • 2-2-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-with-oriental-Central-Asian-Uzbek-motifs-canopy-bed-ikat-pattern-wallpaper-white-red-gray-blue-accents-pomegranate-carved-headboard-felt-lamp-ombre-effect-throw-pillows

    Amazing Contemporary Bedroom with Oriental Spirit & Ikat Patterns

    Would you like to take a peek at a magical bedroom interior fulfilled with oriental atmosphere that looks light, stylish and with just the right amount of bright splashes? You’re welcome!

  • 0-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet

    Brutal & Elegant Office: Mixture of Concrete and Zebrawood

    Wood and concrete are incompatible, aren’t they? The author of this project tried to debate with this widespread misconception and created an office interior design that will take your breath away!

  • 0-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-column-arm-chairs-chandelier-wall-mural-piano-marble-fireplace

    Light & Sunny Moderate-Art-Déco Apartment in Blue Shades

    This interior design project was created for a family of three. He is a businessman and runs his own company. She is a musician and loves to play the piano in the evening. And they have a sweet 7-year-old daughter. They dreamed about a comfortable…

  • 2-2-contemporary-style-interior-design-in-white-beige-gray-dining-room-kitchen-naturalistic-wall-mural-table-chairs-glossy-postformed-backsplash-worktop-concrete

    Contemporary-Style Family Apartment in Natural Colors

    Perhaps, contemporary is the most sought after interior design style of our days. And this four-room apartment in Minsk, Belarus, designed for a young family with 2 kids is not an exception. As a priority task the clients set the creation of a light contemporary…

  • 3-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-room-dining-lounge-kitchen-interior-design-plasterboard-sheetrock-3D-wall-decor-tree-branches-green-ceiling-fitting-brown-wall-white-3D-cabinets-table-gray-chairs

    Contemporary Interior Design Inspired by Summer Garden (Part 1)

    What can be sweeter than three generations of a big family brought together around a family table in the garden on a warm summer evening… That is exactly the concept that constitutes the basis of this apartment interior design created in the Crimea. The spouses…

  • 3-3-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-room-dining-table-kitchen-set-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-purple-sofa-lounge-ottoman-geometrical-pattern-on-load-bearing-column

    Airy Three-Room Seaside Apartment Reminding of Marshmallow

    Seascape, a bathroom mirror framed with tree branches, a purple sofa and an airy kid’s bedroom in hues of marshmallow… This apartment is filled with light, air and room for dreaming and seems to be a perfect choice for living by the sea.

  • 1-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-upholstered-bed-green-floral-headboard-ju-ju-hats-asymmetrical-wall-decor-mirrored-bedside-tables-chest-of-drawers-lamps-ceiling-medallion-classical-shelves-gray-walls

    Compromise Family Bedroom Project: Contemporary + Classics

    This bedroom interior design project is special in the first place because it was worked out as a compromise variant for the spouses, who share different interior views. One of them tends to favor contemporary style, while the other had her heart set upon classics….

  • 2-contemporary-style-bedroom-living-room-interior-design-perforated-screen-room-divider-green-floral-wallpaper-bedspread-bed-cover-sliding-doors-chandelier-round-metal-coffee-table-geometrical-carpet

    Malachite Box: Small One-Room Apartment with Green Accents

    The primary drawback of this one-room apartment was an interior load-bearing wall, which literally divided the total area of 43.7 sq. m. into two equal parts that couldn’t be significantly transformed. However, the author of the project found a way to make the most use…

  • 0-contemporary-style-open-concept-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-gray-beige-brown-fireplace-capitone-arm-chairs-oval-table-dark-floor-3D-walls-staircase-townhouse

    Three-Floor Townhouse with Two Contemporary Levels & Loft Attic

    This beautiful townhouse with a total area of 330 sq. m. is situated in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Its masters are a young married couple who spent their whole life in the centre of this big city. Two years ago they decided to escape…

  • 0-American-contemporary-style-kitchen-interior-design-classical-beads-chandelier-dining-table-beige-blue-orange-chairs-brick-tiles-backsplash-naturalistic-cabinets-MDF-set-jute-texture-wallpaper

    Two-Room American-Style Apartment in Mediterranean Colors

    This interior design project named “Tangerine Mood” was prepared for a middle-aged family couple, whose kids are already grown up and live apart, coming home just for weekend dinners. So, the goal was a comfortable two-room space for two, but with an option for receiving…

  • 7-sofa in a cage

    Magnificent house in Scandinavian style

    Garden house is not one on 30 acres. The holiday house frame designer has created for his family, who often like to get together.