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    Apartment with Kale Mezzanine & Hieronymus Bosch Replicas

    With a total area of just 30 square meters, this apartment can be safely named a nice sample of trendy design, a piece of art and an interior puzzle. Let’s have a closer look at the details!

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    How Dutch IKEA Employees Live in Russia

    Can you imagine a rented apartment of a Dutch gentleman living in Moscow and being in charge of Interior Design Apartment in IKEA Company? It’s a very interesting mixture indeed. Roy Hasling has worked for IKEA for 11 years already. As soon as he got…

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    Golden Interiors: Tips from a Pro

    Golden gleam is a top trend of modern interiors. Nowadays this noble metal is deemed appropriate not just in art-décor, neo-classical or baroque designs. It’s also welcomed in minimalist and Scandinavian interiors, which was seen as a gross error just a few years ago.