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    Living Moss in Interior Design: 25 Ideas and Care Tips

    One of the hottest trends of interior design for today is eco style. Virtually every decorator is committed to adding something related to this theme into a new project. Considering its numerous benefits, living moss has become one of the leading elements of eco-style. It’s…

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    5 Incredible Pieces of Furniture Made on a 3D Printer

    We guess that the time when we’d be able to create any piece of interior by ourselves, at home, by just pushing a button is just around the corner. How can it be possible? And how may the furniture of the future look like? Today…

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    Cork Home Décor and Accessories

    100% eco-friendly material made from cork oak bark is beloved by many interior designers, decorators and common people for its pleasant-to-touch texture, natural earthy color, lightness and easy care. Today cork home décor is enjoying wide popularity. But now professionals do not limit themselves to…

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    IKEA Launched a Kitchen Set Made from Recycled PET-Bottles

    Reuse of materials and waste recycling are one of the basic principles that the world famous Swedish brand IKEA adheres to. The company pays much time and effort to find ways to give used plastic, wood, paper and other materials a new life. This helps…

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    Two More “Vertical Forest” Buildings Projected for China

    Everything related to the topic of ecology and greenery is now at the peak of popularity. But houseplants and floral wallpaper are one thing, and a huge skyscraper decorated with numerous living trees and shrubs is quite another. Let’s see how this will look in…

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    Gorgeous Eco-House Full of Greenery in the Heart of London

    Trendy ecological theme and fashion for greenery hues gradually acquire global dimensions. Green home textile, floral wallpaper and potted plants are great, but to let oneself feel the full beauty of greenery a whole house is required. That’s exactly what two world famous companies –…

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    “Glacier” Stool: 3D-Printed, Designer, Biodegradable

     “3D-printing is a chance to produce full-scale furniture models of high quality. By that we are not limited by any geometrical restrictions. This is pure creativity”. Daniel Büning, a designer and co-founder of NOWlab Studio