• 1-classical-elegant-English-style-interior-design-corridor-home-library-books-shelves-chequered-wallpaper-coffee-table-arm-chair-beige-brown-white

    Super Elegant Apartment with the Spirit of England

    Can notes of English style be brought into an apartment in the heart of Moscow? Sure! The flat we’d like to show you today we’ll surely inspire you with its mood of perfect elegance and evergreen classics.

  • 10-beautiful terrace

    Italian style in the interior

    Italian style looks beautiful, elegant, and traditional. Italian style has elements of the peasant way of life. Italian style refers to a Mediterranean decor. Despite the active Italian style in the interior is very discreet, and traditional. Noble and popular materials are in Italian interior…

  • Foto: Martin von Brömssen

    Lace accessories and elements in the interior

    The utilization of the lace products in the interior began in France. Lace is very expensive and exquisite textiles and accessories, as all the work is done by hand. Each accessory is constructed of lace has a certain pattern that will always look elegant and…

  • 1-elegant-and-stylish-chairs-by-michael-stolworthy

    Elegant and stylish chairs. By Michael Stolworthy

    These cool chairs made designer and artist Michael Stolworthy, this stool is well suited for the stylish bar or restaurant for breakfast resistant even in a stylish and contemporary home. The modern and geometric lines make them alive, as if the lines are constantly moving….

  • 4-plenty of lounge

    Very comfortable lounge chair Space

    Comfortable Chair Space was made by the German design duo Jehs + Laub specifically for Fritz Hansen in 2007. Elegant, stylish, minimalistic, it is done as a very convenient object, which has no equal in the degree of comfort. Very ergonomic chair, as if it…

  • 1-upper-cup-by-james-mckay

    Upper Cup by James McKay

    UpperCup is a minimalist design created by Austarlia-based designer James McKay. The product is currently looking for seed funding on the crowd-funding site Pozible. UpperCup is the simple, elegant and functional cup inspired by the daily coffee travels and the notion that good design can…

  • 7-nice carpet

    Interior of living room in a bohemian style

    To design the interior of a bohemian style needs a little money, but a lot of ideas and a good imagination. This style refers to the elegant, eye-catching and intriguing, he must appeal to those who do not like a boring situation. This beautiful bohemian…

  • 10-white living room

    New Ideas Kitchen Art Nouveau

    During the creation of Art Nouveau interior should give priority to the lines that should flow smoothly, like a shroud housing and the coziness and comfort. All items must be chosen for the interior with the basic rules of design: no colorful and flashy colors,…

  • 161-wooden-decoration

    Modern and Elegant Three-Room Apartment in Reserved European Style Furnished by Ikea and Boconcept

    The Hosts: Galina, a civil-service employee Sergei, a doctor Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 58 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 4 Galina and Sergei have lived in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for 11 years already, and during this…

  • 2white living room

    The Modern apartment in the Islamic style decor

    This new private home is located in a small Portuguese town called Silves. The new private home was designed by architects Studio Arte. A modern interior of the house is made by Islamic architecture and are in harmony.

  • 1-elegant-french-furniture

    Elegant French furniture

    When have a desire making the interior design of the apartment in the French style, so you will not only taste good, but also the desire to surround themselves with fashionable, elegant, comfortable, and cozy interior design. The French style consists of a large presence…