• 1-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Carla-Fracci-ballet-bar-pure-total-white-bedroom-interior-design

    8 Inspiring Interiors of Famous Italian Women

    Today we’d like to show you in what beautiful and comfortable houses modern women may live. A writer, a wine-shop owner, a bank clerk, a ballet dancer, a fashion designer, a sportswoman… Interested?

  • 2-a-beautiful-clock

    A beautiful Clock Tower in New York City

    Beautiful and famous Brooklyn Clock Tower is one of the most expensive in the New York area. With this beautiful tower seen a beautiful panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge and the beautiful New York City. The windows are framed by a large dial, which looks…

  • 2-a-dog-for-magazines

    Funny shelf in the form of a dog for magazines

    Famous and popular designer Gavin Coyle love dogs and inspired them decided to create an interesting shelf that looks like a dog, which normally involves a newspaper or magazine to its possessor. The shelves are made from the cheapest material – wire that looks quickly,…

  • 1-the-magnificent-house-of-emir-kusturica

    The magnificent house of Emir Kusturica

    The famous film director Emir Kusturica built a house in ethnic styles and equipped like the whole village. In addition to the house Emir put all the money in this unusual village. All the houses are similar to a minimum and there are about 30….