• 5-3-Champagne-France-Chair-with-iron-framewrok-cork-seat-shaped-like-champagne-bottle-retainer-in-vintage-style-interior

    Comfortable and Beautiful Outdoor Furniture for Summer 2017

    Outdoor furniture is required to comply with a bunch of requirements: it has to survive in the burning sun and heavy rainfall; it should be lightweight, durable and easy-to-care; finally, it has to be comfortable and beautiful. HomeKlondike decided to collect the most comfy and…

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    How to Organize a Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas and Photos – Part 2

    We’re continuing to discuss the concept of a summer kitchen. In the previous post we mentioned that an outdoor cooking area may have a few functional zones that make it more attractive and comfortable that a customary indoor kitchen. What are they? Let’s see!

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    Vintage Handmade Fire Pit from a Treadle Sewing Machine

    As we already know from the previous post, Vadim Kuleshov is a skillful craftsman, an experienced gardener, a keen topiary expert and just a diverse self-taught nugget, who can create many beautiful garden things. Among them there is a vintage fire pit composed of spare…

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    Fire in Stone, Concrete & Metal: Designer Fire Pits

    Common grills wouldn’t surprise anybody – these devices are present on almost any house’s backyard. And their look is quite similar – metal boxes on legs. Designer outdoor fire pits are a different story. We have selected three non-standard and lovely fire pit designs by…