• 3-3-2-garden-path-design-ideas-walkway-pathway-decking-deck-wood-polymer-composite

    Garden Path Materials: Review, Comparison and Ideas

    Garden paths are important functional elements of our gardens. At the same time they give plenty of room for creativity and can surely be independent pieces of landscape design. When it comes to planning garden paths, the first thing you should decide on is how…

  • 6-garden-path-design-landscape-walkway-round-circular-tiles-small-house-narrow-territory-front-yard

    Garden Paths Planning: Where to Start From?

    Garden walkways play the role of bridges linking different parts of your outdoor territory in a harmonious and convenient way, and hence should receive as much careful consideration as the layout of a house. How should they be designed? What designer tricks can be used…

  • 0-beautiful-Japanese-garden-pond-bridge

    How to Arrange a Japanese Garden: Golden Rules

    A Japanese Garden symbolizes rest, silence and peace as opposed to the city noise and bustle. In this post we’ll give you a few tips on how to create a piece of the Land of the Rising Sun in your own backyard.