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    “Owl’s Nest”: Creative and Super Positive Bathroom Interior Design

    This bathroom prototype was exhibited on a stand during an interior design trade fair and immediately attracted thousands of visitors with its lightness, cheerful color palette and positivity of tiny wood inhabitants “living” within its walls. The name of the interior is as creative as…

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    Paris, I Love You: Simple Kitchen Interior in French Style

    A young family couple, the main characters of our today’s post, was in such a rush to move in their newly-built house that they had no time to finish the interior of their future kitchen. A young qualified decorator who took this job suggested creating…

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    DIY: Golden Confetti Dipped Cup

    Christmas is left behind and we are so unwilling to lose the festive spirit and joy of this beautiful holiday. Some golden confetti on your favorite tea or coffee cup will definitely cheer you up, bringing back magical memories and evoking dreams of the future….

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    Minimalist Family Interior with White Walls & Lovely Wallpaper

    Helen and Victor have long lived abroad, and on coming back to Moscow knew exactly what kind of interior they want to see in their future home. What they mostly desired was minimalism, white walls and plenty of light and air. It wasn’t an easy…

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    Golden Interiors: Tips from a Pro

    Golden gleam is a top trend of modern interiors. Nowadays this noble metal is deemed appropriate not just in art-décor, neo-classical or baroque designs. It’s also welcomed in minimalist and Scandinavian interiors, which was seen as a gross error just a few years ago.  

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    Golden hues in interior

    Golden color in the interior perfectly complements the room and makes it bright and interesting. Golden color blends well with other types of metal. For example, he looks great with chrome and bronze. Golden color – very luxurious and the interior looks expensive.

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    10 examples of the golden color in the interior

    Interior with golden color will turn your interior in an amazing transformation from an apartment or house in a beautiful castle. Some believe that the golden color is used, only those who have a bad taste. Golden color is used not only in the classical…

  • 5-beautiful branch

    Beautiful table setting for NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS

    New Year is very close, and it is time to think not just about the design of the apartment, but also the design and serving the holiday table. Christmas table serves very simple, if you think we should think in advance colors. Should choose one…

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    Rustic style in the modern world

    Beautiful country style translated means rural style, this style was made in England. Earlier, British homes have been furnished in a style that is because in England it rains constantly, and the theater is a place where you can relax. The British appreciate the simplicity,…

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    The apartment interior in golden color

    The gold color is very stylish and unique color and metallic luster; it is all associated with luxury and expensive. Golden color should be applied with caution, and use it minimally. In the old days in the luxurious palaces of the furniture was covered with…