• 00-DIY-mini-Christmas-tree-for-table-setting-from-an-old-magazine-recycling-idea-remake

    DIY: Handmade Mini Christmas Tree within 20 Minutes

    The reign of festive mood at our Christmas tables is not just a question of the list of dishes; it is also essential to ensure the table is beautifully decorated. If you’re a lucky owner of a special Christmas dinner set, that’s great! And we…

  • 13-pinecones-pine-fir-spruce-cones-home-decor-Christmas-decoration-ideas-eco-style-entrance-door-vintage-shabby-paint-blue-wreath-snowflake-shaped

    25 Christmas DIY Ideas with Pine and Fir Cones

    Pine and fir cones are just perfect for everything related to Christmas home decorations. Handmade stuff created from this wonderful natural material brings a note of special charm and hominess to our homes and besides does not cost a penny! If you do not doubt…

  • 0-DIY-ideas-re-used-silver-spoon-handles-for-kitchen-cabinets-with-engraving

    DIY: Original Handmade Furniture Handles from Table Spoons

    Finding new ways of re-using old stuff is extremely entertaining. And it’s especially interesting when it comes to home décor. Why not start from small, yet sweet interior details – furniture handles, for example? Your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded to an absolutely new level…

  • 1-Omexco-handmade-hand-crafted-wallpaper-wall-covering-non-woven-eco-friendly-the-Japanese-paper-washi-the-Collages-collection-banana-fibers-blue-and-gray

    Hand-Crafted Wall Coverings from Japanese Paper & Banana Fibers

    The Omexco Company from Belgium is known around the globe as one of the leading producers of luxurious and high-end wall coverings, which are created from most unexpected materials, in the richest color range and using unique printing and embossing techniques that result in absolutely…

  • 5-creative-garden-decor-ideas-framed-picture-living-wall-art-succulents-compositions-flower-pots

    30 Garden Décor Ideas – Easy & More Comprehensive

    It’s never too early or too late to beautify your outdoor territory. And it doesn’t really matter whether you already have a full-fledged garden, how tall your vine is and whether your garden gazebo is already constructed. Nothing can keep you from making a few…

  • 0-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-tropical-motifs-leaves-flowers-blue-white-green_cr

    Paper Garlands: Home Décor That Makes You Happier

    Computers are a great invention of the humankind. But sometimes we even forget how our handwriting looks. That’s why this Monday we decided to start the week from sweet memories of our childhood – making paper garlands with our own hands. Remember how it used…

  • 0-DIY-handmade-piece-of-wall-art-picture-colored-craft-paper-rolls-metal-net-with-hexagonal-holes-wooden-frame-multicolor-white-walls

    DIY: Piece of Wall Art to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

    Spring is in full swing and while nature is taking all her strength to show up in all its glory, we feel the need to dress up our interiors more than ever. So, today we’d like to show you a quick and easy way to…

  • 7-DIY-handmade-bucket-shelves-for-hallway-entrance-hall-vintage-rustic-style-organizer-scarves-hats-newsapers

    DIY: Handmade Bucket Shelves

    Have you ever thought about repurposing your common tin buckets this way? Then find out how to transform these items into an aesthetical and functional piece of wall décor from our post!

  • 0-handmade-welded-fire-pit-grill-brazier-garden-from-old-vintage-treadle-sewing-machine-Singer-re-use-make-ideas-metal

    Vintage Handmade Fire Pit from a Treadle Sewing Machine

    As we already know from the previous post, Vadim Kuleshov is a skillful craftsman, an experienced gardener, a keen topiary expert and just a diverse self-taught nugget, who can create many beautiful garden things. Among them there is a vintage fire pit composed of spare…

  • 0-DIY-bright-multicolored-handmade-hexagonal-honeycomb-shelving-unit-decorative-shelves-wall-decor-with-mirrored-tiles

    DIY: Decorative Hexagonal Shelving Unit

    Spring is approaching and we’d love to add a splash of bright colors to our interiors. Today we’d like to tell you how to make an original, eye-catchy and trendy wall composition in the shape of honeycombs.

  • 0-DIY-handmade-vintage-white-painted-globe

    DIY: Handmade Vintage Globe

    What role does a globe play in interior design? It certainly sets atmosphere of adventure and new discoveries. And a vintage globe also brings a note of stylishness and makes a room image more interesting. Especially if you paint it white and mark your personal…

  • 0-how-to-re-use-old-cups-ideas-candlesticks-graden-candle-holders-DIY-handmade

    6 Ideas of Re-Using Old Tableware and Cutlery

    Just a few fragile saucers are left from the most favorite china set. They are absolutely useless, but so dear to you that you can’t dare to throw them away. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? So, you have bought new beautiful cups, and old ones, faded…

  • 0-DIY-handmade-fruit-bowl-mini-dessert-cake-stand-from-old-cups-and-dishes-blue-and-white

    DIY: Beautiful Hand-Made Mini Dessert Stand

    Are you planning to have a party, a holiday or a buffet table? A beautiful table setting is an essential element of creating a good mood. If you don’t have a special fruit bowl, a mini dessert stand or a cake stand to display your…

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    An apartment with colour details, antiquarian interior items, and a full-wall Matisse reproduction

    OWNER Violetta – a journalist METRIC AREA 42 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 4 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Violetta moved into a two-room apartment on Muzhestva square fallen to her from her grandmother a year and a half ago. She didn’t change not very…

  • 1

    Spacious one bedroom apartment in Sweden

    Wonderful one bedroom apartment located: functional and large living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and a large balcony. The entire interior of the apartment – in classic Scandinavian style, white walls with smooth surface, light wood floors, large windows, a well of natural light and large…

  • 1-trends-in-interior-design-2013

    Trends in interior design 2013

    In 2013, new trends and new fashion. We will tell you that this year is the popular and in demand. In the last year and other years, these trends have not been used much by professional designers. Over the years, fashion is changing and increasingly…