• 1-aquafarm-hydroponic-eco-system-for-indoor-herbs

    Aquafarm: 2 in 1 – Fish & Herbs

    A stylish fish tank which grows herbs and sprouts – is it possible? Yes! And this marvel is called an aquafarm. This device is amazing at first glance: it seems like a common fish tank, but for some reason it’s covered with pots with real…

  • 0-watered-plant

    Planted & Forgotten: Innovative Gadgets for Our Outdoor Plants

    Luckily for us, hi-tech devices are designed to take care not just about our indoor plants, but also about the vegetables, greenery and trees growing in our gardens. Let’s find out more about our smart assistants!

  • 2-smart-home-garden-device-click-and-grow

    Planted & Forgotten: Innovative Gadgets for Our Indoor Plants

    It’s widely recognized that the greenery and herbs we buy in stores are “wrong” and would never replace the plants we planted in our home gardens. However, we frequently lack time to love and care about our indoor vegetables, or the plants do not appreciate…

  • 1-pivot-power-mini-gadget

    Pivot Power Mini Gadget

    This nifty little device can power up to 4 different electronics thanks to two three-pronged electrical outlets alongside two USB ports. As the name suggests, the device actually pivots, opening up like a butterfly to reveal the three-pronged outlets. When folded, the device is small…