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    How to a Fit a Big Window, Shower Cabin & Infrared Sauna in 7 Sq.M.

    How to zone a bathroom unit including WC without any layout changes? Can a full-fledged sauna be arranged in a common city apartment? How to dress up a big window a bathroom has? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in…

  • 2-Electrolux-cooker-hood-wireless-communication-infrared-port-induction-port-Rococo-style

    Kitchen Innovations for January 2017

    In today’s review we’ll show you a few innovative kitchen appliances that were introduced by world famous brands in January 2017. Let’s find out what’s new expecting us in the coming season.

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    Must-Haves of Home Spa

    One of the latest trends of recent time is creating home spas. Present ever-accelerating lifestyle is filled with stressors and makes people seek ways to reduce physical and mental tension. A magical healing impact of spa procedures goes without saying and today we’ll find out…