• 2-many lines

    Chairs by Nendo

    These benches and stools are produced in a minimalist style, these models are made by designers from Japan, the chair is made of a metal frame is composed of pieces of metal pipes, and has a curved curved seat, but the details are done very slowly…

  • 2-tea

    A beautiful and stylish tableware from Japan

    A beautiful and designer cookware sold in one of the Japanese ships. This cookware is constructed of natural materials: wood, ceramics, and looks very nice and deep. These beautiful crackles can be considered permanent, and to be liked.

  • 1-narrow-house-in-tokyo

    Narrow house in Tokyo

    Interesting narrow house, the architects already know no borders, and make interesting projects. As a rule all the fancy homes are made in Japan, as the population is large, then the population of spin as soon as possible. The house itself was built on a…

  • 1-hideout-of-a-brick-storehouse-by-k2-design

    Hideout of a Brick Storehouse by K2-Design

    Hideout of a Brick Storehouse is a minimalist house located in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by K2-Design. It was originally a fuel storehouse and later functioned as a work place for the father of the present client. It will now continue to mature as a residence…

  • 1-slide-house-in-nakameguro

    Slide House in Nakameguro

    LEVEL Architects of Japan must have had a real play day when they designed the Slide House in Nakameguro. As you pull up to the house you already start feeling the fun. The white exterior is not square and boxy like most homes, it curves…

  • 1-ofon-minimalist-design-by-nendo

    Ofon Minimalist Design by Nendo

    Ofon is a minimalist design created by Japan-based design firm Nendo for Kokuyo. The main characteristics of this design are its modularity, and its unique joint system that requires no tools. The hinges can be assembled or disassembled using only a coin. Nendo wanted to…

  • 1-seoto-wooden-furniture-by-hida-sangyo

    Seoto Wooden Furniture by Hida Sangyo

    Seoto is a minimalist design created by Japan-based company Hida Sangyo Co.,Ltd. The company has been around since 1920, and they specialize in producing wooden furniture. Their manufacturing processes engage in environmentally friendly production, which includes installing solar panels to generate power, and using pellet…

  • 1-spicebox-office-by-nendo

    Spicebox Office by Nendo

    Spicebox Office is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Nendo. The office space design for spicebox, a comprehensive digital agency that works across strategic planning, interactive promotion and creative digital marketing, and is part of the Hakuhodo stable. The firm’s name symbolises…