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    Wooden Ceiling Décor: 20 Unhackneyed Ideas (Part 2)

    We’re continuing our collection of wooden ceiling décor started in the previous post. Just have a look at how diverse, decorative and functional this interior solution might be!

  • 00-Gweilo-Lights-hand-sculpted-floor-standing-lamp-LED-optircal-grade-acrylic-by-Partisans-Toronto-Canada-designer

    Gweilo Light by Partisans: Fairy-Tale Canvas Woven with Light

    The Partisans is a five-year-old architecture & design studio located in Toronto, Canada. The company has recently won a silver prize in the “Floor Lamps” category at European Product Design Awards 2017 for their innovative sculptural standing light dubbed “Gweilo”.

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    Gorgeous Contemporary Villa in Montenegro (Part 2)

    In the previous post we started our virtual tour around a beautiful villa designed in contemporary style on the seashore of Montenegro. Now we’re moving upstairs to have a look at beautiful designs of three bedrooms and two bathrooms located here.

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    Gorgeous Contemporary Villa in Montenegro (Part 1)

    230 square meters is not a big area for a villa. Especially considering that it has to include 7 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a big kitchen and thereby preserve the sense of spaciousness and openness in its interiors. Balanced symmetrical layout, spacious rooms without any extra…

  • 3-unusual-glass-house-panoramic-windows-forest-view

    Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 3 – Engineering

    Once we have got an insight into the architectural and lighting details of the unique glass house in Moscow suburbs, let’s find out some interesting engineering details of this splendid project.

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    Interior Design Project for a Bachelor

    Today interior design styles are not just limited to traditional categorization: modern, classic, hi-tech, art-décor and so on. Contemporary lifestyles dictate the emergence of new trends. Prominent among them is the bachelor pad interior design. Though it can’t be called a “style” in a literal…

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    The World’s Biggest Chandelier: Baku vs. Doha

    Have you ever thought about what dimensions the world’s biggest chandelier might have? Can you imagine a 58-meter long chandelier? It does exist. In Jumeirah Bilgah Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan.  It runs through 18 floors of a 20-storey hotel building and weighs about 12,000 kilos….

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    LED home decoration for the New Year

    LED garlands can be not just an ornament shop in the New Year’s holiday, but also a good decoration at home, garden. They create the necessary and pleasant atmosphere in the New Year period, felt the approach of the holidays. Lights can decorate not only…