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    How to Keep Bathroom Sanitary and Clean: 6 Tips

    A bathroom is a place for recreational and hygienical procedures. But how can it be kept clean, if high temperature and moisture favor multiplication of microbial agents? We’ll give you a few tips, which will help to keep your bathroom sanitary easily.

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    25 Design Hacks for Rational Storage in Small Kitchens

    Do you believe that your kitchen is so small that keeping all the cooking essentials in it is just impossible? And are you sure that you make the most of the potential of your space?  We’ll give you 25 ideas of creating extra storage areas…

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    How to Escape Darkness in Your Home: 5 Useful Life Hacks

    In most European countries people don’t see much sun, and the fall-winter period sometimes seems to be endless. This becomes even worse when windows of our homes are not that big, sunken deep in the walls or even north-facing. But it’s not the reason to…

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    How to Store Belts, Ties and Hats: 15 Ideas

    You are still searching for an ideal way to organize your collection of belts, ties and hats, aren’t you? Here are 15 clever ways to store them. You will surely find the right one for yourself.

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    Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With These Cleaning Hacks

    If cleaning companies are to be believed you need a different chemical product for every single cleaning job in the bathroom. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact you can clean your bathroom using everyday items and materials found around the house….

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    5 Ideas of Recipe Organization

    Your recipe book is a bunch of sheets of paper with grease stains? This is definitely not encouraging to cook more at home. An orderly system of recipe storage can be a nice motivation and inspiration, and today we’d like to offer you a few…