• 0-Experimentarium-science-museum-Copenhagen-Denmark-interior-winding-staircase-metal-futuristic

    Three Contemporary Architecture Projects: Denmark, England, France

    Can a museum look like a building from the future? Can chimneys of a power station be elegant and decorative? Why would a public library be X-shaped? Find the answers to these questions in our today’s post about modern architecture!

  • 2-biomimicry-in-modern-architecture-the-Eden-Project-in-Cornwall-England-botanical-garden-greenhouse-hothouse

    Biomimicry & Design: British Tropics & Floral Architecture

    With our category “Biomimicry & Design” we’re continuing our journey around the nicest architectural projects of the world inspired by natural mechanisms. We already visited Germany, Singapore and Brazil. Now it’s time for the United Kingdom…

  • 7-green-eco-naturalistic-style-house-for-rent-by-Pantone-Airbnb-London-greenery-potted-plants-dining-room-interior-design-table

    Gorgeous Eco-House Full of Greenery in the Heart of London

    Trendy ecological theme and fashion for greenery hues gradually acquire global dimensions. Green home textile, floral wallpaper and potted plants are great, but to let oneself feel the full beauty of greenery a whole house is required. That’s exactly what two world famous companies –…

  • 0-small-tiny-one-bed-bedroom-house-in-London-Islington-England-exterior

    Tiny House in the Heart of London for $ 500.000

    For this money you can feel like a true English lord, but in a mini-version. And cleaning such a house is far easier than in a huge apartment. Is it worth this? Read further and decide it for yourself.

  • 11-orange chair

    Beautiful apartment in London

    This beautiful residence is located in London, it was manufactured in 2007. The place is very beautiful and with beautiful shades and colors in the interior. A great number of shiny colors and bedding.

  • 3-blue vase

    Comfortable flat in London

    Beautiful and spacious apartment owned by Nicky BARTROP, before she lived in England and then to the south of France. Her son had to finish my education in London, so she decided to go with him. To remind them old apartment house, she bought a big…

  • 4-a beautiful place

    Narrow but comfortable home in London

    A small house with a width of 2 meters of a bedroom and a bathroom and dressing room, study, all the amenities are present, the main thing is a reasonable location. The big plus of this house is an interesting roof, where there are many…

  • 1-spitbank-fort-sea-hotel

    Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel

    Life in London can make you want to leave the big island altogether at times. If you need an escape, there’s a new hotel built on an abandoned sea fort in the English Channel, the luxurious and historic Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel. Spitbank Fort is…