• 5-narrow-hallway-decoration-decor-interior-design-light-walls-light-floor-parquet-creative-fanciful-chandeliers-shadow-light

    How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway: 9 Ideas

    Loving imperfections of one’s neighbor is the highest form of wisdom. We on HomeKlondike believe that the same is true about interior failures. Sometimes these very drawbacks can be turned into strong points. For instance, a tiny kitchen would inspire you to arrange a full-fledged…

  • 2-3-symmetrical-decor-symmetry-in-interior-design-beige-living-room-brown-curtains-blue-throw-pillows-coffee-tables-sofas-arm-chairs-lamps

    6 Pieces of Décor That Should Be Displayed in Duplicate

    If you have ever heard about the “rule of three” – the strong visual power of compositions with an odd number of elements – then the idea of twoness will probably surprise you. But this concept does exist: three elements are meant to catch the…

  • 00-beautiful-cozy-living-room-interior-design-ideas-country-style-vintage-aged-coffee-table-arm-chair-bright-cheerful-colors-light-green-wardrobe-yellow-walls-orange-accents-floor-lamp-throw-pillows-sofa-window-bench

    10 Things You Should Know Before Re-Designing Your Living Room

    Even if you don’t plan any major repairs and just feel the need to refresh your furniture a little bit or add a few pieces of décor, our post is for you. While decorating the living room, you’ll have to face many nuances. How to…

  • 2-windowless-room-interior-design-wardrobe-shutter-doors-LED-band-recessed-lighting

    Windowless Room: 8 Interior Design Tips / Tricks

    Replanning of the house frequently leads to the emergence of windowless rooms: they may serve as offices, living rooms, game rooms and even bedrooms. How to design them in such a way that they don’t remind of a dark closet?

  • 3-beautiful fireplace

    Beautiful and delicate apartments

    In the interior there are a large number of mirrors, silver, pleasant shades of the color of coffee with milk, the color of the American, this apartment Ukrainian designer have created.

  • 1-mirror-tapestry-by-lee-borthwick

    Mirror Tapestry by Lee Borthwick

    Lee Borthwick‘s Mirror Tapestry is a spectacular installation of hundred pieces of dead wood. One side of the installation showed the natural wood and the other presented a much shinier surface characterized by laser cut mirrors.