• 7-new-home-decor-products-for-year-2017-white-soft-modern-eco-lamps-from-goose-feathers-VITA-Copenhagen

    New Home Décor Products: Clocks, Wall Murals, Cases & Lamps

    How to diversify our home interior in the year 2017? We have picked 4 interesting novelties of home décor that can compliment a contemporary living room. They all have been launched in recent months and have already received very enthusiastic feedback.

  • 8-bedroom-lighting-living-wall-hi-tech-headboard-zone

    Bedroom Lighting: 14 Interior Design Projects

    Modern interior designers have plenty of ideas for bedroom lighting. And this is quite reasonable. Bedroom is the most intimate room of the house – not every guest may get an access to it. It must be cozy at any time of the day, as…

  • 1-silhouette-lamp-by-m-parsons

    Silhouette Lamp by M Parsons

    Silhouette Lamp is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer M Parsons. The inspiration of the design was taken from the traditional lightbulb, but the rest of the design relies heavily on creating an aesthetic that is as airy and simple as possible. The light…

  • 1-reverie-lamp-by-sergio-guijarro

    Reverie Lamp by Sergio Guijarro

    Made up of 25 metal thin rods, this lamp switches on by touching the metal structure, whose form has been taken from a minimalist random geometry, that can be borrowed from any object. A design that makes the most of the voids as well.

  • 5-details

    Lampione by Violaine d’Harcourt

    French designer Violaine d’Harcourt will present ‘Lampione‘, a lighting family presenting the association of noble materials shaped by craftmen from all walks of life. The designer’s work allowed to assemble these elements in three precious and poetic lamps.

  • 1-bulb-shaped-chandelier-by-kulyev

    Bulb Shaped Chandelier by Kulyev

    Russian designer Kulyev decided to have a little fun with one of his recent lighting designs. He created an indented area in the ceiling of a home and then proceeded to turn it into a fascinating chandelier. Within the indentation he painted the outlines of…

  • table_lamp_ash_1_resize

    Wooden Table Lamp Made from Ash

    Lamp for table made entirely from wood – ash. It has no nails. Can be easily assemble and disassemble. You don’t need any tools to do it. Height is adjustable. This design is in 100 % eco-friendly, it requires the use led bulb which is…