• 5-beautiful terrace

    Beautiful and bright home in Germany

    Beautiful and bright house has a long form, which resembles a rectangle. Until located on one part of the slope, and lies and hold the other hand due to the mount, under the theatre there is a route that is overlaid with asphalt, this decision…

  • 10-white ceiling

    15 modern and beautiful kitchen

    This collection there is a lovely 15 kitchens in the darkest black in 2013 became popular, and fun for all to see.

  • 10-dark furniture

    Modern art nouveau in the bedroom

    Art Nouveau is good and creative looks in the interior of the chamber. Modern – a bright, trendy and creative. Art Nouveau is in itself a very complex interior that will always appear different.

  • 9-table on the balcony

    Beautiful and modern balconies and loggias

    If you desire to be close to nature, but you do not have a garden, it’s easy to put up on the balcony, or establish a cozy corner to put chairs, a table, or make your workplace. From the urban resident’s balcony – these are…

  • ultra-modern interior idea

    How to Match Your New Sofa to Your Living Room

    Struggling to choose a sofa for your home? Picking furniture can be a gamble – after all, spending big on a sofa that clashes with your flooring, paint, or carpet leaves you in a very expensive mix-up of a situation. A great sofa should stand…

  • 3

    The old barge as modern housing

    Beautiful old barge, which was rebuilt and established in 1909. This barge  has everything you need two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a barge is located in the heart of Stockholm.

  • 4

    Design a beautiful apartment in Shanghai

    This is an advanced and modern house is located in Shanghai. House stunning real beautiful oasis in this house there is no excess furniture, plenty of storage space. The house is made in a beautiful minimalist style.The entire perimeter wall and wooden put the correct…

  • 3-white living room

    Moroccan style in the living room

    The Moroccan style is a bold mix of colors and textures of materials. In modern Moroccan interior perfectly get complex patterns of local peoples, nomadic style, bordering on rude and European building materials and furniture. This combination creates a unique flavor and gives the interior…

  • 2-burgundy carpet

    Modern interior of a small two-story apartment

    This small apartment is designed by the famous designer Martha Badioloy who bought a house in the most expensive city in Spain in the town of San Sebastian. The attic was equipped for her work and leisure. The interior has a classic style, looks very…

  • 8-beautiful chair

    Beautiful living room turquoise

    Turquoise color in the interior of the living room looks incredibly beautiful, this color has a special power that it became known to the ancient people. This beautiful color is very much appreciated by many cultures, turquoise stone color was a symbol of truth and…

  • 12-transparent chairs

    Modern one bedroom apartment in Sweden

    A wonderful and pleasant apartment in Sweden has an area of ​​90 square meters, this two-room apartment is very beautiful and spacious kitchen with a gorgeous little balcony.

  • 1-trends-in-interior-design-2013

    Trends in interior design 2013

    In 2013, new trends and new fashion. We will tell you that this year is the popular and in demand. In the last year and other years, these trends have not been used much by professional designers. Over the years, fashion is changing and increasingly…

  • 1-kitchen-in-red

    The kitchen in the red color

    The red color is good for the human condition. The red color is well suited for the kitchen, he awakens great appetite, improves blood circulation and improves mood. If you recall, it was all delicious red. When you create the interior you need to consider…