• 0-tall-narrow-small-Vertical-house-in-Japan-by-MUJI-prefabricated-wooden-three-floor-house

    Vertical Houses in Japan Are Selling Like Hotcakes

    What should a contemporary affordable residential place be like? Simple, compact, eco-friendly and energy efficient, we guess. A modern city dweller doesn’t need much stuff: gradually overconsumption is being replaced with fashion for moderation, thrift and responsible approach to resource consumption. That is why micro-spaces…

  • 3-creative-small-house-in-Melbourne-suburbs-Australia-white-brick-exterior-wall-with-hello-word-narrow-tall-window-panoramic-windows-garage-entrance

    Unconventional Welcoming House Finished & Furnished with Veneer

    If you think that common veneer is good only for rough interior finishes, this Australian house will make you change your mind. And we’ll share with you a secret feature that helps this cheap material look interesting and make life easier!

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    5 World’s Narrowest Houses for Comfortable Living

    For most of us the phrase “an ideal house” conjures up images of big spaces. Probably, a two- or three-floor cottage with numerous rooms and an enfilade, where we could ride a bicycle. But still there are people, who feel like living in spaces that…

  • 1-narrow-house-in-tokyo

    Narrow house in Tokyo

    Interesting narrow house, the architects already know no borders, and make interesting projects. As a rule all the fancy homes are made in Japan, as the population is large, then the population of spin as soon as possible. The house itself was built on a…