• 4-fur in the interior

    Fashion Accessories in 2013

    Summing up 2013, you could see that the trends in 2013 were natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, leather, bamboo and other natural materials. All of us always attracts nature and its beauty. The use of natural materials is very popular, and is used…

  • 31-furniture

    Apartment Based on Neutral Grey, Contrasting Oak Flooring and Natural Finishing Materials

    The Hosts: Catherine, a founder of Internet blog about healthy lifestyle Constantine, the chief of design agency Nicholas, their son Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 76 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 6 Last year the family exchanged their small apartment in the…

  • 6-many shelves

    Suitcase furniture collection from Emmanuelle Legavre

    This astonishing collection of furniture was built with the designer Emmanuelle Legavre. This furniture is very well suited for those who like to always go. That is precisely what has been done, this collection inspired rides and an assortment of bags, she created this amazing…

  • 2-tea

    A beautiful and stylish tableware from Japan

    A beautiful and designer cookware sold in one of the Japanese ships. This cookware is constructed of natural materials: wood, ceramics, and looks very nice and deep. These beautiful crackles can be considered permanent, and to be liked.

  • 1-trends-in-interior-design-2013

    Trends in interior design 2013

    In 2013, new trends and new fashion. We will tell you that this year is the popular and in demand. In the last year and other years, these trends have not been used much by professional designers. Over the years, fashion is changing and increasingly…

  • 11-ninna-chair-by-carlo-contin

    NINNA Chair by Carlo Contin

    NINNA is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Carlo Contin for Adentro. The seating of the chair is suspended using leather straps that hang down from the arms. Although the seating is sturdy, the user has some light movement and freedom due to the…