• 3-1-2-zero-waste-target-production-of-furniture-from-recycled-waste-Kulla-Israel

    Zero Waste Target: 6 Recycled Waste Furniture Brands

    The trend of reflective consumption has not left the sphere of furniture industry untouched – designers use waste to create things that become rapidly popular and cost big money. HomeKlondike has selected 6 furniture brands that draw inspiration from the idea of waste recycling to…

  • 2-Biesbosch-national-park-museum-with-green-living-roof-in-Netherlands

    Spectacular Green Roof Museum in Holland

    Perhaps, the most common first thing coming to our minds on hearing the word “the Netherlands” is plenty of greenery, tulips and fantastically beautiful landscapes.  That is why the museum we are going to tell you about looks so organic in this very country.

  • 4-light-blue-and-beige-elongated-living-room-interior-design-piano-recess-drapery

    Apartment Interior Inspired by a Journey to Belgium

    Probably, every family at least once faces a challenge – how to make a decent renovation of the house if the budget is pretty limited. And of course, the interior must be practical, functional and beautiful. The owners of a typical two-room apartment (75 sq….

  • 7-bed closet

    Fairy house in the Netherlands

    Snow-covered weekdays soon are on everyone’s doorstep, and the fact that eating outside the home cannot be in it. White wooden bench, beautiful antiqued pale turquoise shutters. Devereaux resembles a cold snowy winter.

  • 3-small vase

    Beautiful satin chair of the Netherlands

    This unique table is constructed of a polyester resin, which has a hidden shelf, the material used to create the beauty of a table, it looks really nice and unusual tabletop as it looks like clear glass, but in fact it is not transparent, and…

  • 3-family chair

    Family Furniture by Frederik Roije

    Family Furniture is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Frederik Roije. The chair is essentially two seats connected to each other, one being shorter than the other to represent a child/parent relationship. The seat is constructed of folded aluminum, and powder coated in white….