• 4-second floor

    Great duplex in New York

    These beautiful apartments are located in the hold of the New York duplexes. This apartment is a huge loft, which was destined to stay. The total area is about 65 square meters. The main highlight of this apartment – a large and beautiful window from…

  • 6-large bedroom

    Beautiful house for a large family in New York

    This beautiful home has equipped a large family, almost without the assistance of designers. The firm is located in New York. Residents of this house famous fashion designer Tessa Pimontel, her husband’s name is Hans Neleman, and he acts as a photographer. They thought through…

  • 8-kitchen light

    Spacious apartment in the loft

    This loft is done in a standard and simple apartment was built by designers from New York ixdesign Vastu Village. The apartment is filled with comfort and coziness, and the apartment is very usable.

  • 1-glamorous-accessory-fashion-house-donna-karan-new-york

    Glamorous accessory fashion house Donna Karan New York

    The famous and stylish fashion house creates not only stylish clothes, but also a beautiful decoration and household accessories. Dishes for candles, linens, dishes, the price of such furniture is not flashy, not expensive, priced from 50 to 500 y.e.

  • Style: "bovo8"

    Private Loft by Hangar Design Group

    It’s a loft located in Soho, New York, for private client. It is an apartment on two floors and the spaces are well illuminated by natural light that allows them to appear larger. The use of murble and of the “spatolato” technique on the walls,…