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    10 Pieces of American Interiors That Our Homes Lack

    Americans value comfort. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this nation strives for convenience and seeks way to ease their lives more than any other on the globe. Homes of many American people are characterized by the presence of small interior elements and…

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    Unhackneyed Approach to Scandinavian Style in Moscow Apartment

    It should seem that an apartment designed in Scandinavian style can hardly surprise anyone. It’s widely popular among designers, decorators and common people, and finding furniture in this style is not a problem at all. However, skeptics keep saying that white walls are dull, and…

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    10 Features of Contemporary French Interiors

    A typical feature of today’s French interiors is their ultimate coziness. What makes them so homey and what “national traits” they all have in common – let’s find this out together from this post!

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    Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 2)

    In the previous post we discussed a beautiful award-winning house project, which seems to be perfect in all aspects: location, architecture, exterior and interior design. However, despite all the benefits of this gorgeous house, professional interior designers found a few drawbacks even in such an…

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    Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 1)

    In 2014 this house was awarded a prize by American Residential Design Awards in the “Model Homes” category. Its area of 322 square meters comprises a full-fledged family living space and ocean view opening from the windows makes it seem like a dream house. We’d…