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    Design Hack: How to Organize an Inspiring Work Area

    It doesn’t really matter whether you work from home or in the office. The way your working area is organized is vital anyway, since you spend a big deal of your life there. So, you would agree that this space should be organized competently, beautifully,…

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    Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch

    This functional furniture designer has created Björn Meier and Till Grosch. This furniture was made for the role, and it’s not simple furnishings. Office furniture is built in a modern style, and it’s very functional, on the one hand furniture designed for business people, but…

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    Office “WORKNEST” Furniture for Creative People

    WORKNEST is an awesome handcrafted and easily adaptable desk which improves the working conditions for the user. The desk was created by Wiktoria Lenart, a product designer from Wroclaw, Poland.

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    Office Desk L by A+A Cooren

    Office Desk L is a minimalist design created by France-based designer A+A Cooren. The desk is manufactured entirely of solid aluminum by Walnutsgroove. The desk provides a large surface area and plenty of storage with two full-sized drawers on either side. There are also small…