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    Design Hack: How to Organize an Inspiring Work Area

    It doesn’t really matter whether you work from home or in the office. The way your working area is organized is vital anyway, since you spend a big deal of your life there. So, you would agree that this space should be organized competently, beautifully,…

  • 2-1-creative-office-interior-ideas-pixel-style-wall-decor-from-sticky-notes-multicolor-super-heroes

    How Employees of Different Countries Brighten Up Their Offices

    Having a nine-to-five job in an office hardly sounds like a dream job. However, millions of people around the globe have such schedule and manage to survive. And if nothing can be done to change a job, at least one can do one’s best to…

  • 3-inactivite-by-benoit-malta-chair-on-two-legs-light-wood-inconvenient-design-of-office-chair

    Why Would Designers Make Things Inconvenient?

    Some things, even when created by some prominent designers and iconic brands, may look or feel inconvenient. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the author did a bad job. Sometimes stuff is made inconvenient on purpose. Why? HomeKlondike will try to explain!

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    Modern Office Space for FINE Design

    It was just a week ago that we took a look at the gorgeous Google Dublin Campus that floored us with its amazing design. The office of FINE Design Group might not match Google’s European headquarters in size; but definitely has plenty of style and…

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    Contemporary Office Space In California

    Hayden Place office space created for the Cunningham Group is truly a sparkling example of sustainable and green work areas that combine inimitable design with flowing ergonomics. Designed with a sense of vibrant freshness and located in Culver City, California, the office was designed by…