• 13-notice-note-memory-board-family-chore-organizer-idea-magnetic-pockets-ladder-step-stool-dog

    Note Boards: How to Keep Yourself Organized in the New Year

    HomeKlondike really doubts that there is a person who has never had New Year resolutions. Sports, healthy diet, new foreign languages – these are the most popular focuses of our “new” lives that are supposed to start on the 1st of January. But we have…

  • 0-neat-tidy-makeup-beauty-products-storage-ideas-table-organizer

    How to Organize Make-Up Storage: 15 Best Ideas

    Beauty products can be tidily arranged on a dressing table top or on an open shelf only when a girl is a teenager and it’s her first makeup experience. Over the years her collection of beauty tools multiplies, while extra space hardly appears. Many women…

  • 10-small-kitchen-storage-ideas-design-hacks-rational-space-rails-railings-on-side-of-cabinets-holder-for-utensils

    25 Design Hacks for Rational Storage in Small Kitchens

    Do you believe that your kitchen is so small that keeping all the cooking essentials in it is just impossible? And are you sure that you make the most of the potential of your space?  We’ll give you 25 ideas of creating extra storage areas…

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    How to Save Money on New Kitchen Furniture: 8 Useful Tips

    Staying within the set budget and getting all you need is possible. Before ordering new kitchen cabinets you should clearly realize what you can’t do without and what you can sacrifice within the limits of your budget and room, in which you’d like to fit…

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    DIY: Handmade Bucket Shelves

    Have you ever thought about repurposing your common tin buckets this way? Then find out how to transform these items into an aesthetical and functional piece of wall décor from our post!

  • 8-hat-storage-ideas-organizer-rod-chain-dislplay-in-walk-in-closet-vintage

    How to Store Belts, Ties and Hats: 15 Ideas

    You are still searching for an ideal way to organize your collection of belts, ties and hats, aren’t you? Here are 15 clever ways to store them. You will surely find the right one for yourself.

  • 0-how-to-store-important-documents-papers-organization-storage-ideas-box

    How to Store Important Papers

    This is the question we ask ourselves every time we need to find our marriage certificate, an important finance document or a medical report. In today’s post we’ll try to convince you that important papers deserve more attention and careful storage.

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    DIY: 7 Ways to Re-Use Shoeboxes

    Shoeboxes can be found in any house and sometimes just gather dust somewhere in a pantry. Or you have just bought (or made) a lovely shoe organizer and don’t need boxes anymore. But don’t be so quick to toss them in the trash – there…

  • 14-pot-lid-storage-ideas-organizers

    How to Store Pot Lids: 8 Options for Any Kitchen

    You don’t know where to keep your pot and pan lids so that it was convenient, space-saving and silent? We have collected a bunch of ideas for you – life will definitely get easier and happier. We guarantee. There are several options for any kitchen…